Protecting the Health of Women

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Since the recent passing of Kim Porter, the amazing beautiful woman and mother of Diddy's and Al B. Sure children, I've decided to take better care of myself, by educating myself on more preventative ways to protect my health. I come from a family history of various cancers, addictions and diabetes. So I feel that it is my due diligence to take care of myself more than getting routine check-ups and annual visits for breasts exams and pap smears.

This year so far, I've gone to the optometrist and got an eye exam and new glasses. I lost my glasses going on 2 years ago and hadn't been able to see clearly since. My father is blind due to his diabetes and it is considered hereditary so I made sure to get tested for anything that would cause me to lose my sight. Everything checked out normal (praise God) and I am now a safe driver out there on the roads again lol.

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Going back to Kim Porter for a second. To the world, we woke up to the news of her passing. Never known her to be sick or battling with any terminal health issues.

So the wait began for the autopsy report.

According to TMZ, Porter wasn't feeling well and went to bed early on the night of November 14th, but the next morning the family couldn't wake her, and they called the paramedics (Celebrity Insider, 2019).

"At the time of her death, Porter was taking Saline and vitamins because she thought she had the flu or pneumonia, but authorities are looking into the possibility that she contracted a disease during her trip to Africa (Celebrity Insider, 2019)." I am unsure of the latest update on the cause of death (if any) because I am aware that more tests had been done to find more leading causes.

But again, her death was just a true wake up call for me in regards to taking better care of myself. It was apart of my motivation to start my wellness category on my website as well as to provide a virtual space for black women in particular to get educated on a multitude of health issues, news, updates, recipes, fitness and anything else that is deemed necessary to talk about in our culture. After you read this post make sure that you you click on the wellness category and catch up on those great blog posts.

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If you are not feeling well, go see a doctor of course but also educate yourself as much as possible to prevent a lot of things that are killing us literally. If you're traveling abroad, consultant with your doctors or herbalist to see what vaccinations or natural things that you need to take to prevent any airborne diseases that are prone in that country. Even if it's down to take care of a root canal to prevent spreading a bacteria in your mouth (serving notice to tooth #9, I'm scheduling that root canal soon in spite of my fears).

I want us all to be healthy and educated on what our doctors don't tell us. A lot of our health issues are due to what we feed our bodies regardless of the large or small amounts we consume but rather over a large period of time, those foods and liquids damages our bodies, literally. No one can protect the overall wellness of your mind and body's health better than you, so from now on, become more aware of your health and wellness from the smallest ailment to the largest.