This service is great for bloggers, influencers and business owners who need updated images for all of your branding and marketing needs for your website or social media platforms.


The client is responsible for shipping or hand deliver products to the photographer at their own expense. At the conclusion of the service, the photographer will return all products at no expense to the client or as instructed to do so.


Allow 5-10 business days for the final edited images to be returned to you via Dropbox. A link can also be given to you to share the images with others upon request. It is imperative that you save ALL of your images onto your own device. The photographer will send you a reminder to do so before deleting your images from the designated platform that you received your images on.


All sales are final and non-refundable.


The photographer is not responsible for any weather or other natural disasters that prohibits the photography service(s) from being rendered due to delays in creating the content or return of shipment to customer. If such occurrence takes place, alternative methods can be arranged at the client’s expense.


If you have further questions, email us at

Product Photography