Brunch at Vyoone's Restaurant

Brunch yesterday at Vyoone's restaurant was what I really needed to wind down with friends from my week. As you may know by now, monthly I attend brunches for black female bloggers, hosted by Jazmine Boutte of #TheJDBrunchSeries. On yesterday, during brunch we had conversations around all things related to blogging, careers and our personal lives. Only a few of the bloggers had been to the restaurant previously, but collectively, we had a great time per the usual.

Vyoone's is located in the Warehouse District (downtown) of New Orleans and is super cute and cozy indoors with patio styled out door seating as well. It's the summertime so of course, we sat indoors but took our photos outside. There's a beautifully lit alleyway that greets you upon your entrance into the restaurant.

They have a bar that serves wines and cocktails to fit your needs. The majority of our group ordered mimosas. The restaurant doesn't serve bottomless mimosas, which we were hoping for of course, so if you go, you will have to order the mimosas individually. The mimosas came with cute edible flowers in them that weren't bad for a first timer like myself eating edible flowers lol.

I didn't have a big appetite (nothing new about that) because I fixed a small breakfast at home before brunch so I ordered their sausage board from the menu. I love cheese boards so I figured that I couldn't go wrong with a sausage board. The board included three types of sausages: alligator, pork and chicken, garlic bread, pickles and a spread of dijon mustard......DELICIOUS.

I thought I was going to be able to take a few of the sausages home to eat with some red beans and rice that I cooked but needless to say, as the conversations kept going, I kept eating! I'm definitely going to add this place to my list of places to go in NOLA. Make sure you follow @thejdbrunchseries on Instagram to get the full recap of this brunch for bloggers and see all of the pics from the brunch when the post is published.


Vyoone's Restaurant

412 Girod Street

New Orleans, LA 70130


Phone: (504) 518-6007