Cooking with Brian

Cabernet Sauvignon wine while I await dinner

You ever cooked a meal with your partner? It's so much fun especially if both of you are comical such as Brian and I. With our schedules, we try to spend as much time together as possible, including our meal times.

In our household, I'm the greatest cook between us (he'll debate this if you ask him lol). I cook 95% of our meals and when I want a break, I make sure that we have his speciality dishes: steaks with asparagus or newly added, salmon, sautéed mushrooms and asparagus.

Brian is a very easy person to cook for and he's very appreciative of my meals because before we met, the man was king of eating unhealthy fast foods as a bachelor... he'll deny this too lol.

Any who, I noticed we enjoyed cooking together when we made our first homemade pizzas and then onto making our own cheese boards together. I would be playing music, he'd be singing and dancing (that's a sight to see) while he's slicing and dicing the ingredients. I'm the social butterfly between us and it's amazing to just watch him come out of his quiet shell and demeanor when we cook together.

Now on the days, when it's his turn to cook the following pictures below describes what I'm doing perfectly: Playing around with the food, scolding his techniques, sipping wine, my favorite is Cabernet Sauvignon of course and checking behind what he's doing lol.

Then, he will say something hysterical to let me know and assure me that he knows what he's doing because he's done this a million times before (but really he got the recipe and instructions from YouTube a minute before he started cooking smh). So I'll try real hard to sit back and just watch him prep and cook our meal.

Black couple in love.

Check out the slideshow below of Brian prepping the salmon, mushrooms and asparagus:

You have to be in a room with us together to understand the magic that sparks from our meals we cook together. Brian puts on his most professional voice like he's really a chef and does all of these gestures like he has prepared meals in Italy somewhere. Again, I am the BEST cook between us and he is so supportive of me when I'm cooking. He'll ask if I need help with anything, or he'll wash dishes while I cook......but in the beginning days of our relationship, he would just watch television until the food is ready....thank God those days are behind us.

I highly suggest that whatever meal or dish your partner cooks that you enjoy the most, have them join you in the kitchen sometimes and you two can cook together or you can entertain them while they cook for you.

Do you and your partner cook together? If so, what's the best meal or dish that they cook? Post your response in the comments.