#GoGreen Challenge

Britt Smith Photography

As promised, this year I am truly focusing on the wellness of African American women in our communities. I was sitting at my desk and was brainstorming some topics to write about and this hashtag jumped into my mind. I instantly began searching through photos on Instagram using this hashtag. I have listed in my journal, about 40 goals that I want to accomplish this year (small and big), and eating green vegetables for a week, is one of those goals listed.

Britt Smith Photography

I want to include my readers and followers on social media to partake in this challenge with me for a week or beyond as you desire. Challenge yourself to eat more, green fruits and veggies and drink more green beverages (i.e., smoothies and teas) for at least one week. Use the hashtag #gogreen if you're on social media and tag me in your post. That's it!....simple, right?

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According to Natalie Menza, MS, RD, "Green fruits and vegetables are loaded with important vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and folate, as well as phytochemicals and fibers. Eating a rich diet in green produce can help: a) reduce the risk of some types of cancer, b) maintain strong bones and teeth and c) promote vision health."

Here's a basic list of green beverages, fruits and veggies to choose from:




-green tea

green beans

-green peas

-green grapes

-green bell pepper



-greens (collard, mustard, turnip)


-mint leaves




-green apples

-green onions



-brussel sprouts




Let's share this experience together here in the comments and/or on social media. I look forward to supporting you as you #gogreen this week and beyond.