Meal Prep: Salads

As a part of saving my coins, meal prepping is essential to me during the week for work. I eat mostly healthy and naturally organic foods so buying fast foods everyday just doesn't attract me. I don't like feeling groggy or sleepy after a meal so I eat something light, such as salads. I switch up my salads by adding tuna packets, grilled chicken, deli meat or salmon. You can make all kinds of salads to switch it up. I save more hearty meals either for my dinner or on the weekends.

Here's what I typically put in my salads when I meal prep:

  1. bag salad kits

  2. spinach

  3. cucumber

  4. bell peppers

  5. squash

  6. zucchini

  7. tomatoes (I keep in a separate container until I'm ready to eat the salad)

  8. boiled eggs

  9. bacon bits

  10. Tony's seasoning

  11. Simply Asia sweet ginger garlic seasoning

  12. lemon slices (1 slice per salad)

  13. fresh ground pepper

  14. croutons

  15. mushrooms

Some people add oils and/or vinegars as a dressing but my go to dressings are either Peppercorn Ranch or Italian. You can find containers to store your salads in, at Dollar Tree or your local supermarkets. Salads are so easy to make and they help us stay on a healthy balance during the week instead of eating fast foods everyday. Making yourself a salad saves your coins and saves your life if you really think about it.

I've seen salads placed in mason jars, which is cool, but I'm too clumsy and will probably drop them, so I prefer using plastic tupperware instead. Tupperware is so easy to clean and store in that crowded work refrigerator. To give yourself a variety, you can make the following salads when you meal prep:

  1. taco

  2. turkey

  3. salmon

  4. grilled or crispy chicken

  5. shrimp

  6. tuna

  7. pasta

  8. quinoa

  9. vegan

  10. fish

Whatever you choose, to mix and match your salads, have fun with it. How we see our food, makes us enjoy the foods that we eat. Your mindset will change if you don't like salads and start meal prepping them. You'll look forward to eating your creations and your salads will definitely start an office buzz on eating healthier.

Do you meal prep? If so, what kinds of meals do you prep? Why do you meal prep? Share your thoughts in the comments.