The Egg-cellent Breakfast Company with Loena B. Rodgers, Founder/Owner

Who are you? Loena Rodgers is the Founder & Owner of The Egg-cellent Breakfast

Company based in Burbank, CA. She is a mom to two boys who know all too well the great

difficulty parents face in getting delicious and healthy breakfast meals to their kids.

Affectionately known as the #BreakfastMom and a Nutrition Detective, she has a heart for

helping people learn about the benefits of food and being mindful about what we put in our

bodies and our children’s bodies. This dedication led her to help moms create breakfast

meals that keep their kids focused and energized at school. Loena is also a big homeopathic

enthusiast, and emphasizes the use of organic food and whole food supplements for the

prevention and cure of illnesses and disease. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

What do you do? Through virtual one-on-one consultations and online courses, I empower

parents to take back their child’s health through breakfast nutrition, learning the signs of a

nutritional deficiency and balancing breakfast with the essential vitamins, minerals, healthy

fats, and nutrients that support academic learning. To schedule an assessment for your child,

click here.

What/who is the reason behind why you started? My oldest son (8 years old now) had bad food allergies as a baby, and I had no idea how to deal with food allergies because it didn’t run in my family. In 2012, I took my son to a Homeopathic (and Chiropractic) doctor in Chicago, Illinois, and this is where my holistic “food IS medicine” journey and tutelage began. I learned about whole food supplements and how using REAL FOOD, could strengthen his body and heal allergies and asthma symptoms. So, I began implementing the tools and knowledge I learned for my son and using them for my own health as well. I want to be around to teach him what I wasn’t taught about the body how it should work with you and not against you. After consistently executing what I was taught and further researched, I NO LONGER needed to GIVE my son OTC ALLEGRA and his inhaler 2 TIMES a day. I was so excited and eager to share with other parents and debunk the myth that you have to spend your hard earned money on OTC and/or prescription allergy medications. It was just amazing to me to learn that the POWER of real food and whole food supplements could be used as a source for strengthening the body and allowing it to heal itself without pharmaceutical drugs. As an extra bonus, I was even more happy with the amount of money I was saving - no more prescription allergy medication, Epi-Pen, doctor's visits, and emergency room trips.

Anything that you feel people should know? For Moms, we all want our child to feel as good

as possible and we never want them to experience pain. But, I implore you to rethink giving

your child prescription medications for symptoms that are really a sign of a nutrition

deficiency. As stated by the world’s foremost expert on using nutrition therapeutically to treat

children puts it and I agree, "Why give your treat your child (and yourself) with drugs when

you can heal your body with REAL food?"


For Kids: Kids Academic Nutrition Makeover (60 or 90 min sessions)

● Assess current diet & deficiencies

● Set One Academic Goal

● Customized mini-nutrition breakfast plan

● 15 min-Follow-up in 1 week

For Parents: Egg-cellent Nutrition For Life - $19/week

● Monthly Eat Better Now e-workbooks to create healthier meals

● LIVE Q&A sessions – (Brain Health ~ Digestive Tract (2nd brain) ~ Immunity Support)

● Breakfast Meal Planning tips using food chaining strategies

● 1 signed, copy of the #BreakfastMom’s new book “7 Steps to Achieve an A+ Breakfast”

Dear Mom, you’re paying too much for cheap food. You are what you eat isn’t just a nice saying. It’s true! Your health is maintained based on the foods you eat. If you are eating a healthy diet of fresh and whole foods, your body will have the necessary nutrients required to keep it healthy. If, however, your diet is comprised of highly processed, fast food, and high-sugar foods that lack healthy nutrients, your body will be missing many of the essential ingredients required to sustain good health. This can lead to physical health issues over time. The consumption of cheap foods contribute to weight gain, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. These factors are known to increase the risk of heart disease – the leading cause of death worldwide.

So, let’s talk about how cheap foods actually cost you more in the long run. If hypothetically on Sundays you regularly enjoy a good Southern meal of greens, fried chicken, Mac and cheese, candied yams, and cornbread, you believe that your body is nourished, right? For breakfast, during the week, you grab a donut and a large coffee (two creams and 3 sugar packets) because you need something before you start working. And then you eat fast food twice a week because it’s conveniently located near work and you don’t have to spend more than $15 if you budget it right. For dinner, you may have a few leftovers or even skip dinner.

This ritual of having nutrition-less meals will cost more by becoming an addiction that you will

continue to feed because unhealthy eating habits train the brain to crave more bad foods.

When you feed the addiction, these foods create a blockage preventing blood from reaching

your heart muscles. This in turn results to chest pain aka a heart attack or stroke. To repair the

blockage, you will need a coronary artery bypass surgery that cost about $40,000 on average in the U.S. With no insurance, this procedure can cost you up to $200,000. In California per

statistics, one stent can cost $71,000. This is exorbitantly expensive for a piece of metal that is

about the size of the spring that goes in your ball point pen.

Obesity and heart disease are not the only health risk your family will face. In children, artificial

colors, flavors, and preservatives can set the stage for asthma, eczema, allergies, inflammatory conditions, and autoimmune diseases. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you need help with making changes to your family’s relationship with food that actually

supports brain and heart health, I can show you how to make in my Egg-cellent Nutrition for

Life $19/week membership. In the membership, I provide a “cliff notes” monthly nutrition

workbook. It includes a list of foods and its nutrients for your immediate reference, and I hold

live Q&A sessions once a month for you to connect with me as your Nutrition Guide to create

new habits that you can live on a daily basis. That’s right, all of these issues can be changed by what you are eating. Amazing! Isn’t it? Food is directly involved in many of these health

concerns listed above. And, paying attention to what you eat is one of the most important

preventative measures you can take.

Loena B. Rodgers, Founder/Owner

The Egg-cellent Breakfast Company, LLC


Facebook: The Egg-cellent Breakfast Company

Instagram: @eggcellentbreakfastco