"What's Your Curl Language?"

Woman with natural hair
I love my hair no matter if it's natural or relaxed.

I was reading a previous issue of an Essence magazine (June 2019) when I came across this blog title that was in an article featuring one of my favorite lifestyle and beauty bloggers and influencer, Danya Bolden. The article sparked my interest clearly to write my own answer to this question. My hair is super thick, coarse and is delicate when using any detangling tools, so I have to be extra careful when showing my hair love, weekly. In this same magazine issue, it was stated that, "$473 million is the amount black shoppers spend on hair care yearly." Before I begin, let me say this, please do your own research and consult with a professional for your own hair care needs.

So what is my curl language? I honestly believe it's simply being CONSISTENT with caring for my hair which naturally describes one of my strengths in my personal and professional life. I stan for all of Mielle Organics hair and skin care products but every now and then, I'll venture off and use other products so that I can get some good use out of their shelf life. Depending on how I'm styling my hair (usually twists-outs) determines what products I'm going to use. I use the LCO method (leave-in conditioner, a styling cream and an oil) once I've cleansed my hair. I'm not caught up in the technicalities of having natural hair with using terms to describe my hair, but for those that are, I have low porosity and 4b - 4c hair.

Again, knowing that my hair is coarse and delicate, I don't do too much manipulation to it once it's styled and that's possibly what helps it grow so quickly. I don't think my hair agrees with coconut oil because whenever I use it, my hair falls out in large amounts. I try to sleep with a scarf on my head nightly but it doesn't always happen lol. As my hair had gotten longer, I noticed that it didn't take much time to style it which I was expecting the opposite to happen. With my shorter pixie style, it would take me on average about one hour and forty minutes to style my hair. Mainly because you're styling smaller portions or strands of your hair. When it's longer it takes me under one hour to style.

I love trying new hairstyles or adding simple accessories such as hair pins or scarves to give myself a new look. I'm known to get bored with my hair quickly and will chop it all off with no care because it grows right back very quickly. While self-quarantining, I've recently done the big chop again, but this time, I have plans to relax my hair once it's safe to do so. For right now, I'm just washing and conditioning my hair weekly to ensure that it's healthy whenever I decide to relax it. Being that our country is on lockdown and definitely in New Orleans where I live, this has been a great time to just let my hair breathe for once and really take care of it.

I get the best results with my hair when I consistently take my time, not get discouraged, reduce stress in my life, eat healthy and drink plenty of water daily, take my vitamins, etc., and in return, my hair loves me back! Regardless if you're a naturalista or if you use a relaxer, you should still love on your hair weekly. What's your curl language? Let me know in the comments.