17 Accessories for Book Lovers this Christmas

Christmas trinkets and books
Reading can be fun with cool accessories that are inexpensive.

Are you stressing over what to get your favorite book lover this year for Christmas? Well, stress no more, below are inexpensive but very thoughtful gift ideas to fit any budget you may have.

  1. Reading light


  3. Highlighters

  4. Stylish pens

  5. Earphones

  6. Candles

  7. Incense

  8. Reading tray

  9. Notebook

  10. Tote bag

  11. Graphic tee

  12. Blanket

  13. Decorative pillow

  14. Coffee or Tea mug

  15. Reading glasses

  16. Charger for reading device

  17. Gift card(s) to their favorite bookstore

My favorites on this list are highlighters, notebooks and a coffee mug. I love curling up with a blanket, a good book and taking notes while I'm reading. This year, I've stepped a bit a way from reading fictional books, to reading more self-help or business related books. So with the growth of my personal life and business, I have used tons of highlighters and written in multiple notebooks to help keep what I've learned from reading books, in the forefront of my mind.

You can also get creative and purchase all of the items on this list or any that needs to be restocked that you know of and make it into one big gift for your favorite reader. I find that when I'm in a comfortable space with all of my reading accessories nearby, it helps me stay focused on my book better. If you live with your book lover, allow them a few hours to themselves to just read, uninterrupted.

Reading lights are very handy for the book lovers who love to travel or read in bed in the late night hours. I pack my reading light whenever I'm traveling at night as to not disturb other passengers on the plane who may be trying to sleep. You can purchase a reading light for under $20 at your local bookstores, Walmart, Target and Amazon.

Other go to accessories that I love would definitely be candles and incense to help calm me and set the tone for the reading environment that I'm in. My office space is now in my bedroom because the temperature in my bedroom is conducive for me to work in year round (some rooms get colder or hotter than others). To give me a break from my normal work environment, I have moved into the front room of the house and made it into a reading room with decorative pillows, heated blankets, incense, sage and candles. The sweet aromas from candles and incense, sets my mood for reading, every time.

This holiday season, don't spend tons of money buying your loved ones gifts that they will never use. Instead, buy them what makes their hearts sing and is very inexpensive and thoughtful of you, such as book accessories.