You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

Woman reading You're a Badass at Making Money
Get ready to take notes reading this book!

This is the second time that I read this book because it is the book club selection for WERK University membership program that I'm in, for the month of March. I started a no spend challenge this month also, so this book was right on time to read again. It is a common message across most self-help books that the law of attraction is real and therefore no different than how we attract money to us. I've been learning this year how to shift my mindset with how I viewed money and it has helped my bank account tremendously! I'm not saying that I'm rich yet, but I am saying that as my thoughts have changed to a more positive mindset about money, so has my bank accounts changed overall.

Woman reading You're a Badass at Making Money
It's ok to plan, but stay open to new opportunities.

"Part of working with Universal Intelligence is doing everything you know how to do but staying open to ideas and opportunities that "come out of nowhere." Your job is to get your energy aligned, be dead serious about bringing this money in, and take all the action you know how to take. Universal Intelligence's job is to move what you desire toward you in whatever way it sees fit." - Jen Sincero

I desire to be financially free from debt, living the lifestyle that I want and passing on generational wealth to my children and family. In this book, Sincero talks boldly about Universal Intelligence which to me, is in reference to God without being offensive to non-believers. I know God is my provider in all things so I know that He will move what I desire towards me. Money is not going to fall out the sky so we have to not only think positively about money daily but we also have to do the work so that God can do His part to give it to us. If you can't manage $1,000 don't expect to all of sudden be able to manage $10,000 or more. Reading this book has really taught me also, how to allow space for God to financially provide for me when I need it and at the right moment when I need it.

Woman reading You Are a Badass at Making Money
What are you focusing on right now?

“What you focus on you create more of.”

Let's just take a pause there..... and repeat that again more confidently than how you probably read it the first time. WHAT YOU FOCUS ON YOU CREATE MORE OF! I've been focusing so much on fixing my personal finances that I've also generated more money from doing that and creating new spending habits along the way.

While reading this book, definitely grab a pen or highlighter and take notes because the author is not shy on her choice of words or when it comes to dropping financial gems. At the end of each chapter, Sincero provides readers with a money mantra which have become my weekly affirmations and other key points that stood out in those chapters. Again, everything starts within your mind, including making money to become wealthy. This doesn't happen overnight because we've either been taught wrong, what we've been taught is outdated and a host of other belief systems that never equates to us becoming wealthy.

Per the usual, you have to read the book to learn on your own at your own pace because I will not be providing any spoilers here lol. Honestly, with the current pandemic of the Corona virus affecting us globally, now more than ever is the perfect time, to begin the process of shifting your mindset about money and know wholeheartedly that, no matter what your bank accounts look like currently, you are a badass at making money!