4 Tips for Dating a Younger Man

How Stella Got Her Groove Back movie cast
Dating a younger man can be exciting.

A billion light years ago, I dated someone younger than me and it was fun and exhausting at times. I don’t remember my exact age at that time, but let’s say that I was 34 years old and the guy was around 26 years old. We met at a club and were glued to each other like glue literally or at least that's what it felt like at the time. He definitely bought a freshness to my life at that time with his youthfulness. He had us dancing in the clubs or bars every weekend, staying out until the sun came up and the whole experience was amazing. Then, I became exhausted. I couldn’t keep up with the nightlife, feeling like a cougar everywhere we went, multiple women hounding over him and totally ignoring that I was even standing there.

Obviously, it depends on who you are dating, this is not to say that all young men do is bar hop and live the typical nightlife. If you decide to date a younger man, here are some tips that will help you know exactly what you are getting yourself into:

You have to be open with him:

Let him know how you feel about date ideas upfront. Instead of saying I felt uncomfortable in certain places, I would be quiet trying to look “cool” or “young and exciting.” Learn from my mistakes and voice your concerns as needed.

Be ready to be taken out of your comfort zones.

Younger men are excited and full of fun so if you’re a loner or always prefer to be home, that won’t work. Younger men are usually very adventurous and curious to try new things so while you may have “been there and done that” they are just getting started.

They live on Snapchat and Instagram, so learn all you can about the apps.

I know you may enjoy uploading cute pictures of your kids, pets or posting long sermons on Facebook but younger men love knowing everything within a 15 second video on Instagram or the infamous filters of Snapchat. Look at the prefixes of each app, “Snap” and “Insta”…. This means being QUICK! So brush up your profiles on those platforms or learn what the hype is all about, because you’ll be speaking the same language if you do.

Scene from the movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Ladies, date whomever makes you happy.

Stella, get your groove back!

According to an article in The Huffington Post written by contributor Meryl Hartstein who stated, “Younger men are more energetic. They still have a thirst for life that hasn’t been jaded yet. They are still climbing in an upward motion and aren’t settling into the stereotypes of the men before them.” Younger men are typically more energetic in the bedroom also so make sure you exercise, practice safe sex and get your groove back while dating a younger man!

Dating a younger man can be full of excitement but like any other relationship, it takes work. Hopefully, you are dating a man who may be younger than you but is still mature. In most cases, age is nothing but a number and at the same time, that number can play a huge factor in a relationship. If you decide to date a younger man just be mindful of your differences and most of all, have fun and let me know about your experience!