Date Ideas Under $100

Black couple happy.
Going on a date doesn't have to be expensive.

Hot girl summer is gone and now it is time to get back to going out on dates again. You don’t need a lot of money to go on dates and you will definitely have a great time, all under $100. You can do the following date ideas indoors or outdoors no matter where you live:


You can enjoy a healthy competitive game of bowling on a date. Most bowling alleys have bars, food and other arcade games that you and your date could enjoy together. Bowling is a cool date when you’re trying to get to know someone instead of the pressures of being alone together or forced to sit in silence for an hour and a half if your first date is at the movie theater (I despise going to the movies as a first date option).

Hiking or nature trail

If you and your date enjoy the outdoors and getting a good workout in, go on a hike or walk through a nature trail at a park or forest preserve. The most you would have to pay for are healthy snacks and water. This is a great way to communicate and establish team building skills with each other especially if you go hiking.


Women singing karaoke.
Get your vocals ready for some karaoke and have fun.

Get those vocals together and go sing your hearts out to your favorite songs. You will definitely have fun laughing at each other singing off key and in harmony with each other. This is a great date idea for you introverts (I’m one too). Most local bars have specials for karaoke nights and you can select songs that you can sing together or do a solo, whatever will make the date fun, do it!

Wine tasting

Glasses of red wine
Who doesn't love a good wine tasting.

No matter if you enjoy red, white, sparkling or blush wines, you can find affordable wine tastings in your area. If you’re up for a drive, go to a winery and go on a wine tour during your wine tastings. You can enjoy a wine tasting for under $20 and know that you will definitely get a buzz from the various wines that you try. Add a cheese board and water to avoid a nagging hangover the next day after the wine tasting.

Go fruit picking

Find a farm that allows you to pick fruit. In the fall, you can find farms where you can pick apples or go to a pumpkin patch and pick out pumpkins to carve and decorate together. The weather is getting cooler now and you can “dress down” and talk while you’re picking fruit or searching through tons of pumpkins.

You don’t need a lot of money to go out on dates to enjoy them. You can find things to do in your local area or take a quick road trip for an experience that you both will remember. Dating is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Don’t feel pressured to do anything that’s uncomfortable for you or your partner just to say it was expensive to do. If things go well, there will be plenty of times to do expensive things together, but for now, enjoy each other with these date ideas for under $100.