What to Wear on a 1st Date

Black couple on a date
First dates are fun and start of something that could last a lifetime.

That cute guy that you’ve been eyeing finally asked you out and you're freaking out over what you should wear. Don’t! I’ve found some suggestions from my memory and some experts in the relationship field to help you out. I understand that everyone’s style preference is different so I will keep it very short and simple for you and feel free to incorporate your own style.

Wear a color that you look good in

What is that color or piece of clothing that whenever you wear it, you get tons of compliments? WEAR THAT ON YOUR 1ST DATE! Chances are if the majority rules that those colors look good on you, your date will think the same thing, also. If you’re unsure about a specific color, now is the time to have your girls come over, serve them some wine and cheese and go through your closet until you find something that you all can agree on to wear.

Wear something that’s not too revealing

Believe it or not, some men don’t prefer a woman showcasing all of her goodies on any dates, especially not the first date. You don’t want to send the wrong message or appear to be “easy” because all of your cleavage is showing or everything you have on would put Kim K’s Skims out of business. Respect yourself first and cover up appropriately on any date.

Day dates

Black couple on a date.
Coffee dates are a cute way to get to know someone.

If you’re just having that initial cup of coffee type of first date, relax and wear a perfect pair of jeans and a cute sweater. You don’t need to look like the beautiful and glamorous Diana Ross, just to sit in Starbucks. You can wear a cute graphic tee, a duster and a pair of jeans. Depending on the weather where you live, consider layering your clothes.

Evening dates

Black couple on a date
Evening dates are known to be more relaxed.

Wear what’s comfortable for you. Don’t wear shoes that you know are too small and hurts to walk in. Or that dress that you have to hold your stomach in every time you wear it. For evening dates, wear something that is comfortable for you to be in for at minimum, a couple of hours. Ask your date for the location of where you two will be going so that you can dress appropriately. You don’t want to wear a fancy dress and your date has plans for dinner and a movie or something interactive like going bowling.

First dates are so full of excitement and potential. Choosing what to wear doesn’t have to be frustrating if you consider these suggestions above. If you’re preparing for your first date with someone you think is special, relax, dress comfortable and try to have fun in whatever you choose to wear.