5 Books that Changed My Life

Photo credit: Britt Smith Photography

I read a lot of books and I am always learning valuable life lessons out of each book that I read, most of the times. I am a huge book lover of self-help books and any book that helps me strengthen my relationship with God and helps me align with His purpose for my life. So I wanted to share with my readers, these five books (from top to bottom) that have truly changed my life.

Photo credit: Britt Smith Photography
  1. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert: You ever picked up a book because the cover was cute and it magically is a page turner? Well this book started out being a purchase, just for that reason; the cover was cute. I had no idea that I was going to gain so much knowledge as a creative. This book taught me how to not view my creativity as the only means of paying my bills. Meaning, do what makes your heart happy, regardless if it pays your bills or not. So many people go into what their passionate about thinking about money. I love writing regardless if I get paid to do it or not. I don't depend on my creativity of writing to pay my bills cause if I did, I probably wouldn't like it as much. Lastly, Gilbert stated and confirmed my existence sort of, and I want to share it here with you, "You do not need anybody's permission to live a creative life."

  2. On Writing by Stephen King: This book was giving to me as a birthday gift a couple years ago and my God, it has changed my life as a writer. This book is a memoir about Stephen King's writing as his craft. He stated that, "Writing is refined thinking." This book helped me realize that I'm not alone about my thoughts on writing and how to see my craft and rituals of writing, as something special. This book definitely gave me the hard truths about writing and I recommend this book to any writer.

  3. Produced by Faith by DeVon Franklin: I could point out so many great qualities in this book as a playwright who aspires to work in film with Tyler Perry someday. DeVon Franklin is a studio executive in Hollywood who has not compromised his faith to work in Hollywood. But there's one thing that DeVon said that has really changed my life. He said, "Put yourself in the environment." This summer, I literally put myself in the environment of Tyler Perry Studios. I want to work there so I drove up to gate, and really pictured myself driving to work there everyday, talk about the law of attraction. I connect more now with theater and film professionals (again, putting myself in the environment). What is it that you want to do?....Put yourself in that environment.

  4. Believe Bigger by Marshawn Evans Daniels: I read this book and seriously have been believing bigger about all of my dreams and goals in life. I believe bigger than being a "starving artist" as a creative. In this book, my highlighting and taking notes directly in the book, shows me that it has definitely changed my life. I am more intentional about my purpose in life. Inside the book, Marshawn talks provides us with what she designed as the Purpose Map. This map helps you navigate from your who you are to where God is gonna use you. Before Ciara's #LevelUp song, I have to admit, this book was the kickstart to me moving into becoming a full-time writer. My dreams as a writer became bigger after reading this book.

  5. Before You Do by Bishop T. D. Jakes: I really enjoyed this book and often refer to it as a before you do anything type of manual. In this book, Bishop T.D. Jakes provides excellent tips and some resources on before you do anything in life (ex., start a business, get married, get a divorce, have children, etc.). Reading this book has really helped me change my mindset BEFORE I do something critical in my life that can have long term effects.

What books have you read that have really changed your life? Post them in the comments and share the knowledge with other bookworms.