Becoming by Michelle Obama Book Review (Part 1: Becoming Me)

Britt Smith Photography

Of course I bought and read our beloved First Lady, Michelle Obama's book, Becoming. I did not however, get to see her on her tour. But from the pictures, videos and outfits that she wore, that I saw online was amazing (as expected). I have to admit, it took me awhile at first to really get into the groove of reading this book, because as you guessed it, I wanted to skip to the section when she met President Barack Obama and moved into the White House.

I would soon learn as I continued to read this section of the book, that before she met him, she was and still is, her own individual self. So I shifted my mindset, to stop trying to fast forward to the "good part" and enjoy the art of storytelling and getting to know, Michelle Robinson.

In the book, Michelle uses simple analogies to convey important messages for us to not only learn about her life but messages that will carry us through life no matter if we grew up on the south side of Chicago or grace the halls of the White House. It was interesting to learn that I had so many similarities as Michelle in my childhood.

Being the skinny somewhat tall girl in my classroom who fit in with not one group of children but could get along with anyone. Taking long bus and train rides to get to my high school and being around my immediate family a lot, growing up in a two parent household, which nurtured me and gave me access to culture at an early age. Most of my peers came from single family homes and had never been outside of Chicago, ever, while I traveled to other states and countries, enrolled in ballet and bowling classes.

Britt Smith Photography

I also came to admire in this first section that Michelle is what we call a "daddy's girl" just like me. The proud way that she talks about her father is impeccable to me and truly reminds me of myself. She talks about how happy her family was, living in a small apartment above her aunt and uncle. I can also remember my parents and I living in a small 2 bedroom apartment in my early childhood before moving into their current home over 32 years ago. Another way to show readers that she was already happy and content in her life, before moving into the White House.

Michelle goes on to tell us about her favorite uncle that introduced her to music, her favorite teachers in high school and her social life and the preparatory work and discipline that her mother instilled in her and her brother Craig, that prepared her for a lifetime of success, becoming herself. From the views gathered from my Facebook page, most people struggle to get through this section because they felt it was boring or not interested in her growing up years. I wouldn't suggest skipping past this section if this is where you are, because it will all come together eventually.

Have you read this section of the book? What are your thoughts? Share your thoughts in the comments.