Becoming by Michelle Obama Book Review (Part 3: Becoming More)

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In reference to the White House Garden:

"As the morning went on, we planted lettuce and spinach, fennel and broccoli. We put in carrots and collard greens and onions and shell peas. We planted berry bushes and a lot of herbs. What would come of from it? I didn't know the same way I didn't know what lay ahead for us in the White House, nor what lay ahead for the country or for any of these sweet children surrounding me. All we could do then was put our faith into the effort, trusting that with sun and rain and time, something half-decent would push up through the dirt." - Former First Lady Michelle Obama

How many times are we reminded from the people who inspire us, to plant the seeds now of what we want in life and know that the seeds we planted will produce fruit at the appointed time? We simply don't apply that method that we've been taught because we fear the unknown and therefore don't put forth the effort of trying (planting the seed) to see the results manifest (fruit that is produced from our labor) from us trying. There are plenty of scriptures in the Bible that confirms this analogy.

In this book, Michelle talks about her self-conscious thoughts and doubts from being a typical child growing up on the south side of Chicago to the days she spent in the White House and her role as the First Lady of the United States of America. In order to become more of anything, you have to start by planting your seeds.

There were moments in this book, where tears formed as she described how she couldn't sit in the stands while her children played sports in order to cause a scene and take the focus off the practice or game. She would watch from the car guarded by the Secret Service or wait in the basement for hours on a college campus that Malia was visiting. Now I'm not suggesting that you skip to this section of the book, but to me, this was my favorite section or part.

In this section Michelle tells us about the things that as a country we saw as headlines, but how things really happened. She talked about the images and videos of Malia smoking a cigarette and the reason behind her statement, "When they go low, we go high." To us, these moments were maximized but to her, it was simply something that happened in a moment of her life. At this point in the book, they have successfully completed Barack's first presidential and second terms together. She even walked us through the last hours as he ended his second term, obviously both of them not happy about the outcome of the election of #45 as our new President and off to live their lives.

Britt Smith Photography

Becoming more to me was about taking everything that she and Barack had learn over the years, and maximizing the platform that they were given and making a huge impact in the world, after they left the White House. While in the White House, together, they accomplished reducing child obesity, bringing home our soldiers from war, increasing employment, starting new traditions in the White House and so much more. They are now in positions to do more. More of what they are truly passionate about and at their pace.

They have put their faith in God and continuously work towards helping children and youth become whatever their hearts desire. Becoming more than the First Lady of the United States, looks great on Michelle Obama. It is so refreshing to now see Barack take the back seat from the political arena and now support his wife as she travels the country speaking and teaching and being hands on in communities that she once had to put to the side, for him.

Have you read this section of the book? What are your thoughts? Share your thoughts in the comments.