Believe Bigger by Marshawn Evans Daniels

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Image by Imgrum

Dear Readers, grab your glasses, pen and a journal because you will learn so much knowledge reading this book, that you will definitely need to take notes.  I purchased and read this book awhile ago from Amazon this year, and also gave a copy away to a dear friend.  Every page is not only a page turner, but it has so much insight and knowledge suitable for our society today.

The title, “Believe Bigger” is instructional in and of itself.  If you are a creative individual such as myself, then the message in this title is just for YOU!  Marshawn opens up the book in the introduction with this statement:

“Entering your purpose will first require an exit.” – M.E.D.

I wholeheartedly believe and have first hand experience, that this statement loudly speaks TRUTH in my life.  In order to fulfill your purpose in life, you must exit sometimes even from your comfort zones of complacency.  It might require exiting a job or toxic relationships.  It may require you to exit negative thinking or physically exiting the current city that you live in.  Whatever your exit is, know that an exit will be required to successfully enter into your purpose.

I follow the author on social media and I love watching her videos on Instagram.  In her videos, she facilitates workshops sometimes on what she designed as “The Purpose Map” (see pic below from my book):

The idea of the Purpose Map is to navigate you through as she states, “the five stages of divine reintervention that positions us on The Path – the one that aligns with our mission.  Each stage is part of God’s master plan, and the Purpose Map helps us to see exactly how we fit into it and where we are on it.”  The five stages are: Discovery, Talent, The GAP aka The Shift, Gifts and Influence.  In addition to reading the book, make sure you also follow her on Instagram @marshawnevans and use the hashtag #BelieveBigger to get a better understanding of The Purpose Map.

This book so far is my favorite read for 2018.  From the cover to the acknowledgments, I am constantly opening it up every now and then and rereading the notes and highlights I made, while reading the book.  I have used most of the “aha moments” highlighted as weekly affirmations for myself.  It’s more like a reference book to me when you need to “refer back to the manual” so to speak.

For me, I’m currently in The Gap stage, because I’m still trying to fulfill my purpose living in a new city.  Although I know my calling and purpose in life and have made a significantly amount of influence in my lifetime, this is a new season and God is definitely “shifting” my thoughts and the environment I now dwell in, for a higher purpose.  It is during this stage to me, that it gets real!  My comfort zone writing plays was in a small theater that seated at maximum 65 people, of which every production was sold out.  God is shifting me now, into a deeper dimension to tell my stories and the stories of others.  So this is a very critical stage for me.  So in other words:

“New dreams must turn into new decisions to form a new reality.” – M.E.D.

I have had to make new decisions to form a new reality for myself and my productions.  The comfortable ways of doing things, just doesn’t work for me any more.  You will really enjoy this book as much as I did, in ANY stage of life that you’re in.  I also love this book because of the pictorial illustrations that helps visual learners like me, really make a connection with the messages in the book.  But hey, whatever your learning style is, GO GET THIS BOOK!

Have you read this book?  Post your thoughts below in the comments.