Black Privilege by Charlamagne Tha God

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Here ye, here ye….. the time has come where we must celebrate the greatness of a black man who isn’t afraid of telling us the TRUTH, unapologetically.  Before deeming this book as my never ending emoji with the hands thrown up, I never listened to Charlamagne Tha God before, I haphazardly only heard about him as being a “bad boy” of radio and let me be honest, I’m not the hugest fan of radio anymore, I get all of my news and create my own playlist from Twitter and YouTube, hello!  Well since reading this remarkable gut-wrenching book, I will do better at listening to the Breakfast Club radio broadcasts more often, just to hear the poetically edge-control thoughts and comments of Charlamagne Tha God.  Of course I now follow him on Twitter as well: @cthagod and so should you.

I purchased this book because one night I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline and saw that it was the book of the month selection by a book club I was a member of when I lived in Chicago.  I saw this book posted many times on social medias but never thought to read it until now, praise God for book club ministries and everyone who post their current reads online…. I salute you for sharing wisdom, in the form of words!  I instantly added this book to my beloved Amazon cart and in one click, I purchased this book ASAP.

Unlike most books that uses chapters, in this book, @cthagod uses Principles with titles such as “F%^k Your Dreams” or PYP (Pick Your Passion, Poison, or Procrastination), to immediately grasps the readers attention.  With all honesty, there comes a time, where one must use some cuss words to get one’s point across.  @Cthagod definitely uses some cuss words in this book, but it does not take away from the timely messages or principles, overall.  I have to admit the rawness of his words made this a definite page turner, in my opinion — if you disagree, let’s discuss it further in the comments.

@Cthagod talked a lot about his upbringing in this book, which helped shaped the devoted man that he is today, with the truth of his thoughts, always being on the surface of his tongue, no matter who may have been offended, but in the end of his truths, they actually helped people and not hurt them.  In the Principle: F%^k Your Dreams, he stated these words that will forever be true for me as I encounter anyone in my path of life:  “You have to tell people what they need to hear, as opposed to what they want to hear.  And if you are the person getting that harsh dose of reality, then make sure you accept it.”  Now let’s get back to the cussing shall we….. I’ve read books before with a little vulgarity in them but with this book, he made me flinch at some points talking about women in a sentence but providing pure facts of life in the next sentence.  I kept saying, “Well at least he keeping it real.”

I was covering my mouth at some points throughout this book as he used lyrical quotes from hip hop’s greatest to ever do it artist and then applying those lyrics to our everyday lives…..pure genius I tell ya!  I especially adored the Principle: Put the Weed in the Bag!  I’m gonna go all out and say that this principle is the ass whooping that this generation of teenagers/young adults (and some adults) need!  These instant gratification seeking teenagers we currently are a witness to are ruining our future….. #FixItJesus !!!!!  @Cthagod once again, pulled the belt out and lit fire to their lil asses in these words: This is what many kids today fail to understand: you’re supposed to be busting your ass for “nothing” when you’re in your twenties.  And sometimes in your thirties.  That doesn’t mean you’re being exploited it means you’re building up the skills, connections, and reputation to eventually build a platform of your own.”…… PREACH BLACK MAN, PREACH TO THESE YOUNGINS’ for they know not what they are doing in these critical times in society unless it’s on Snapchat or texts.  Moral of this principle was go be an intern and gain the experience and the connections you will need to help you succeed later on in life.

I’m trying not to be a book spoiler and list a bunch of his quotes cause this book has uber life lessons in them, I’ll try to speak as general as possible in this book review.  I never saw him to be a “ladies man” maybe because his arrogance or sex appeal is mostly done in his truths and/or in the privacy of sexual experiences, kind of reminds me of myself.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is what we’re told.  @Cthagod principles on relationships is yet again, based off of truth and the reality of who your significant other is, not their representative or the fantasy that we created of that person.  I myself have been more honest in all of my relationships upfront since my divorce in 2010.  I learned that being honest upfront, gives a person the choice to either move forward with you or leave you side-eyeing them for not being able to accept your truth, immediately.

Being honest in a relationship discussion, deserves more than one chapter in any book.  It creates so many opportunities in the relationship, if both persons continue to be together.  Even in the midst of infidelity, BE HONEST!  “Energy is contagious“…. whatever energy you put into your relationship, is what ye shall receive in return.

I’ll leave you with this, GO PURCHASE THE BOOK at your local bookstore or Amazon has it for $16.18, which some of y’all spend at Starbucks in one trip.  Again, if you’ve read this book, let’s discuss it further in the comments, that way, I won’t feel bad about giving away all the real truths from this book in this blog…. happy reading my fellow bookworms.

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