You Are A Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

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“Not a day goes by where we don’t use money, or use something that was paid for with money, or have an experience that is somehow connected to money.  Not. One. Single. Day.  Money’s in the roads we drive on, the food we eat, the music we listen to, the freedom we enjoy, the adventures we have, the babies we birth, the showers we take, the poems we write, the noses we blow – it’s everywhere, like dust or temptation or hormones in high schoolers.  And yet, we rarely, if ever, stop to investigate how we feel about money, how we speak about it, or even what the hell money actually is.” – Jen Sincero

My views of money as a 38 years old woman is very different from what they were, when I was in my early 20’s.  Although I am playing catch-up to the terrible spending habits I had back then, it’s not all bad spending (tell this to my Amazon cart full of books to be purchased) in my late 30’s.  Paying bills on time was a newbie for me.  I’m going to be brutally honest here, up until recently, I had no clue how to pay my bills on time (I just paid my bills, there was no schedule or budget involved).  I never thought about ways to monetize my website and theater productions to generate additional income either.

From birth, my mother taught me the value of money.  So why didn’t I ever listen?  Naturally, I’m a risk taker.  But the older I get, I’m not keen on risking losing my money to frivolous spending habits.  For example, if all of my scheduled bills are paid on time, I’ll purchase myself a book or two from my Amazon cart (spending no more than $30-$40) that I earned from an additional source of income that I receive.  Not from my payroll income.  This teaches me to be happy about receiving additional income because I use it only as my “play money”.  This then leads me to talking about money better and being grateful for the multiple streams of income that I am generating at this time in my life.

I would like to generate another stream of income that can help me reduce my debt and increase my credit score.  At my age, I want to begin investing in stocks and building a savings account that will continue to support me and my family after I retire.  As the saying goes, it’s never too late.  This book, “You Are a Badass At Making Money” definitely provided me with the tools I needed to change my mindset about how I see money.

“Money is a unit of measurement used in the act of giving and receiving.  Contrary to popular belief, money itself is neither good nor bad, friend or foe, filthy nor clean – it’s just blank, minding its own business, trying not to get jammed in a soda machine.  Money is just the messenger.  It’s what you do with it and how you think, feel, and speak about it that give it a personality.  And depending on the personality you give it, you’re either gonna want to surround yourself with it or stay the hell away from it.”- Jen Sincero

Sincero breaks down in each chapter, soft pinches of wisdom that pull at your mind.  You don’t need a degree in accounting to understand this body of work because the tips she provides in this book, are the caveat to your successful outcomes.  She speaks truth on every page as if you were in her living room.  Disclaimer: The vulgar language at times in her book, is worth it for the points she’s making.  I enjoyed, at the end of each chapter, there are “Suggested Money Mantras” that you can say, write, etc., every day.  With all of the books I’ve been reading lately, there’s a common theme I keep coming across which is: the law of attraction.

This author is witty in her writing to not bore you with financial literacy boredom.  The last chapters in the book, she really serves us a platter of meat and potatoes but don’t skip to the end, please read this book all the way through.

In this book, I was expecting your typical, “Do this….” tips to earn extra money.  But she gave us readers more than that.  She teaches us how to use the law of attraction, to make the money you need.  Obviously I don’t want to be a book spoiler, so I’ll end by saying, go purchase this book, read it slowly to make sure you retain the information and complete the “To Get Rich” activities at the close of each chapter.