#DateTea as a Career Woman with Crystal Iris

Photo Credit: @nickskillz

Hey Sis!

I know dating can be annoying at times especially when it seems like you've been on date after date to no avail, but dating is meant to be an enjoyable time while getting to know someone. As a career woman, it can be difficult to date because we want a man with substance and someone who won't waste our time or send us on emotional rollercoasters while we're building our career. I also know that even though you're independent with your own money, you still want the affection from a special person. I get it, Sis, and I got you.

1. Stop saying that you don't need a man. Have more positive thoughts about dating. There's a reason why men and women are designed for each other and the reason is because we need each other. We need companionship. We need a man to open things that are too hard for us to open and to be handy around the house. We need a man to bring balance to our decisions. We need a man to procreate and co-create with us. We do need them, no matter how independent we are.

2. Make room to date. I am a huge believer in energy and manifestations. I know that we have a hectic schedule, but if you don't make room for dating you won't have amazing dating experiences, right? 

3. Release the expectations that you have about dating. Start getting excited and just enjoy having fun. It's not the end of the world if a man is not for you. Just enjoy learning about another human. If it doesn't work out at least you have an interesting story to share with your friends. 

4. Be open to dating online. I know, sis. I know, but it's actually a great tool to use to weave out men who are not qualified IF you ask the right questions before you decide to go out on a date. If you're feeling uneasy about using a dating app, be open to the man that slide in your DMs. I cannot tell you how many times I scroll through social media and see posts like this, "Don't slide in my DMs unless you're giving me money" or "I do not date people from social media. Leave me alone." First of all, if I was a man I wouldn't want to date you with that attitude. Secondly, you're putting the wrong energy out into the atmosphere. You can see through their profile if there's another woman in their life. You can learn about their interests and evaluate whether or not they are a man of substance or not. I wouldn't be happy in my current relationship had I not met him through social media and a mutual friend. 

5. Date on your lunch break. Just this week, I got off work early and it happened to be at the same time that my man takes his lunch break. He sent me the place to meet him and we enjoyed lunch together. It's quick, concise, you can get in some flirting and some good conversation. 

I hope this helps you out, Sis and give you a little bit of hope. I'd like to hear from you. What are your thoughts or tips for dating as a career woman? Post your thoughts or tips in the comments.


Photo: @nickskillz

Crystal Iris, The Bossette Extraordinaire is your personal Reconstruction Strategist for all things Life and Spirit. She has a mission to rebuild, revive and restore lives, businesses and brands. She brings all of her experiences into building creative platforms that serve as a catalyst for change. She has vast experience in producing ground-breaking talks and interactive workshops for various audiences with topics to include leadership, relationships & dating, purpose, faith and personal growth. Her educational background includes a BA in Applied Behavioral Sciences, an MBA in Leadership & Change Management and she's currently pursuing her doctorate in International Psychology.