Health Benefits of Avocados

Avocados are one of those foods that I've grown to love. I read somewhere online that it's actually a fruit even though we see it in the veggie section at our local grocery store. I can make a mean guacamole for a party or the best toast with an avocado spread on it! I sometimes add it to my salads and definitely feast on this nutritious food when I'm ordering from Chipotle. Since my efforts of eating healthier has begun this year, I wanted to share with my readers, the actual health benefits of eating avocados.

"Avocados are considered a “superfood” and are rich in various nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. They are also a good source of (healthy) monounsaturated fatty acids. According to CAC (California Avocado Commission), a medium-sized California Hass avocado contains almost 22.5 grams fat (California Avocado Growers, 2019). Two-thirds of this fat is of the monounsaturated variety, and they are also very low in fructose. Perhaps most importantly, avocados have a unique collection of organic compounds like phytosterols, carotenoids, and flavonoids (Organic Facts, 2019).


Here are a few health benefits of avocados:

  • Helps with your immune system

  • Promotes better eye health

  • Prevents bad breath

  • Great for your skin

  • Protects the liver

  • Helps with weight management

  • Good source for potassium

  • Relieves arthritis pain

  • Anti-cancer potential

There are tons of other benefits that you can always research online. For me, the greatest benefit that locked me in was probably the fact that it promotes better eye health. My dad is blind due to diabetes and we found out that it's hereditary. I can't remember exactly what the diagnose was (he's been blind for a quite a while now), but I know that I really need my eyes because my livelihood as a writer, depends on my sight literally!

Whatever reasons you need to eat healthier, let those reasons be your motivation to live a healthier life, daily. Avocados are bland in taste naturally but you can always add some of your favorite seasonings or toppings to them and enjoy a delicious meal or use it as a snack. A large part of our health issues as black people are often due to the foods we eat daily. I'm not a vegan but I understand their lifestyle. There are some side effects (ex., nausea or migraines) of eating excessive amounts of avocado so be very careful and talk to your physician or nutritionist if you have any questions.