Bath Time Is So Relaxing with These 3 Items

Candle. bath salt and bath soap.
You don't need a lot of products to enjoy bath time.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. There's a refreshing feeling that I get whenever I take the time weekly, to do some self-care practices at home. Other than being in the kitchen, for me, bath time is so relaxing. It's like I travel in a time capsule and just escape to a peaceful place mentally. So I figured I'd share three items with you, that makes each imaginary trip, special in today's post.

1.) Aromatheraphy Moisturizing Bath Bar

Aromatheraphy bath bar.
Aromatheraphy is one of my favorite self-care practices.

Patchouli Moisturizing Bath Bar (TJ Maxx - $3.99): I'm always on the hunt to find affordable bath products and I was in for a treat when I found this moisturizing bath bar at TJ Maxx recently. Unfortunately, the picture does not show you how huge this bath bar actually is, which means it lasts longer than your typical drug store bar of soap. This bath bar has lasted over four weeks and there's still so much more of the product left to be used. It has a soft scent and fits perfectly in an average size soap dish, regardless of its large size.

2.) Bath Salts or Bath Bombs

Luxury bath salts from TJ Maxx
Luxury bath salts will leave your body feeling highly refreshed.

Asquith & Somerset Cotton Linen Luxury Bath Salts (TJ Maxx - $5.99): I'm a huge fan of bath salts because it just adds a calming bath experience overall. This luxury bath salt was just what I needed during my June staycation that you can read more about here. I enjoy any bath salts that includes dried rose petals, herbs and essential oils that aides in detoxing my body as well as assists in keeping my skin moisturized afterwards. You can use this jar of luxury bath salts between 2-3 times. Of course, any products made with a cotton linen scent smells good! If you're not into bath salts, you can always use bath bombs that easily dissolves into your bath water.

3.) Candles

Wicks + NOLA Brunch & Booze candle
This candle will definitely make any bath time special.

Wicks NOLA Candle Company: This is my favorite candle from the brand so far, so get used to seeing it on future blog posts lol. I love luxury candles and this candle is so special to me because it's made by a black woman! If you know me, then you know that I love brunch and boozing with my favorite bloggers and influencers here in NOLA, so this candle is perfect for those moments when you have to enjoy brunch and the booze of your choice, at home. While I have your attention, please follow and support Wicks NOLA here on Instagram.

You don't need a lot of products to make bath time relaxing. Just make sure that whatever products you use are safe to use for your skin type. I consistently make my weekly bath times special by using these and other similar products. Your bath time can include all of things that makes it a special time for you. You can add soft music, a diffuser if you're not into candles, sage, rose petals in the tub, slices of fruit if you really want to set the mood and so much more. The main objective here is to relax and enjoy your "me time" for self-care.

Let me know in the comments, how you relax during your bath time.