June Staycation Gallery: A Much Needed Getaway to Spark My Creativity

Bedroom in an AirBnb.
You don't have to travel far away from home just to getaway sometimes.

June has been an experience for me similar to that of riding a roller coaster. From entering into the next milestone of my life, turning 40 years old, fighting NOLA bugs and the heat, a sudden loss of creativity, a scheduled root canal that introduced me to what having anxiety feels like and so much more ups and downs and twists and turns of this thing called life. For the most parts throughout the month, I've maintain my cool and I am always checking in on my mental health so I knew the exact remedy that I needed to get myself back on track overall, a staycation! I love staycations because it provides a brief escape from your everyday life and routines, which can become complacent and that complacency can stunt your growth in any capacity.

Interior of a shotgun house.
Shotgun houses are so cute.

This year I was required to grow up, even more. Mainly because COVID-19 put my whole life on pause without a clear warning first. I went into this year searching for ways to add more value to my community other than showing you 1,000 of Instagram pictures of myself. Let's face it, by now you know what I look like even if you just looked at my homepage on my website. Let's just say I was over Instagram perfect esthetics and the crazy and uncaused for algorithm (Facebook too).

So I began working on my inner self and booked this beautiful AirBnb in NOLA for four days to dig deeper within myself and create a plan for my next steps as it relates to my brand and my personal life.

When I first opened the door to this beautiful home, I said quickly, "The pictures on the internet didn't do nothing for this space...... it's GORGEOUS!" I loved everything from the mixture of colors, textures, blended modern and antique decor and other esthetics. It really blew my breath away. Everything was so spacious, extremely clean and so vibrant...exactly what I needed. I really loved the navy blue couch and living/dining room table chairs. I thought those only existed in everybody homes on Instagram lol. I didn't even want to sit in the chairs or lay on the couch at first.

Living room in New Orleans, Louisiana.
The living room was a vibe.

I live in a one bedroom shotgun house and my place is so small you can walk through it, in its entirety in about 15 steps (if that). When I first moved to NOLA back in 2017, I moved into the first space that I could find that was vacant. Now years later, I am transitioning into relocating and this staycation gave me a glimpse of what's available with a lot of space inside. This home is also a shotgun house so it gave me tons of ideas while we search for a new place to live. Now let's go inside some of the rooms and hopefully you can virtually escape your reality in the gallery images above and below.

Antique bar cart.
This antique bar cart will have you and your guests in awe of its beauty.

This antique bar cart was very eye catching! It gave me so many cool vibes during my stay. I even pictured myself hosting parties at my future home if I had one of these.

Full kitchen in an AirBnb.
Everything you need in a kitchen while you're away from home.

Whenever I book AirBnb's for staycations, I always look for homes with full kitchens because I love to cook. This helps me save money on not dining out or using the notorious costly UberEats, during my stay. This kitchen has all of the amenities that you need for your stay. I meal prepped before I came so for some of my meals, all I had to do was zap them in the microwave. Again, I wanted to focus more on deeply connecting with myself and not be distracted with "busy work."

Rustic and modern home decor.
Simple decor makes any home look beautiful.

I also loved the kitchen's mixture of rustic and modern decor. I bought my camera and did a mini product photo shoot for one of my clients. I really enjoyed finding things around the house that sparked my creativity again and this place definitely did that for me.

A master bedroom in New Orleans, LA.
A master bedroom fit for any creative.

The first 2 days, I spent all of my time relaxing in this room. It was so spacious and simple, just how I like bedrooms to be....... clutter free. There were two bedrooms, the first one is in the featured image for this blog post and this image is in the master bedroom. I lit a candle every night and enjoyed sitting in silence for a few days. I just still with myself removed any and everything that had been on my mind prior to my staycation.

Bathrooms were large and small to fit your needs.

Just as with the bedrooms, there were two bathrooms, full bathrooms to be exact. I bought my bathtime essentials and relaxed...... OMG! Girl, my tensed body needed those moments. Something about hearing the sounds of water soothes me and I love being in water also, so bathtime is really a special time for me to refocus.

DIY tissue flower petal.
If this tissue flower petal doesn't spark creativity, I don't know what else will lol.

In each bathroom, the tissue had flower petals on top of the rolls that were made from tissue by the owner or the cleaning staff. I thought that that was so creative and unique for guests.

Sometimes you have to step away from your everyday environment to refocus. Overall, my June staycation was so needed and I came up with so much new content that I will be sharing on the blog soon, on social media and within my private Facebook group, The Bloggers Collective in the next few months. Staycations are very affordable even for one night. If you're not into AirBnb's then look into going to your favorite hotel in your city or town, for a day or two. The quality time that you spend with yourself is so worth it which makes it priceless.

Do you go on staycations alone? If so what do you like and/or dislike about them? Share your thoughts in the comments.