My Virtual Workspace Must Haves

Home office
Working from home doesn't have to be stressful as long as you have the things you need close to you.

Working from home has become the new norm for almost everyone. As a blogger and influencer, there are just some things that I need at all times, to help me be productive in my virtual workspace. Depending on your profession, whether you prefer to work in natural lighting or not, you may need more or less of these items but here's a great list to at least get you started in creating a virtual workspace that fits your needs inside your home.

Pens, Pencils and Markers

white coffee mug with pens and pencils in it
Branded coffee mugs are great for your office decor.

I'm old school so I haven't fully converted over to making everything digital. Therefore, I NEED to write things that are important, down on paper in order to retain the information. So I have a coffee cup full of pens, pencils and markers to use as needed. I also have tons of extra pens, pencils and markers stored with my other office supplies that sits in a decorative box nearby. Eventually, I may transfer what I've written down into digital files but my go-to's are using pen and paper first!

Journal/Notebook and Planners

I plan almost EVERYTHING! While I'm virtually meeting with clients, scheduling posts, working on partnerships, I always, always, ALWAYS have my journal (which I use as a notebook also), my everyday planner and even my financial planner. You may be wondering why on earth would I need to have my financial planner in my workspace? Well, let me tell you! I look at my finances DAILY so while I'm working sometimes, questions come up where I have to see if it's in my budget to do something. Or I look at what bills and business expenses are due or coming up before I fully commit to any plans, book any services or partnerships, etc.

Headphones, External Microphone and Speakers

I can't control outside noise and other distractions so when I'm doing my Virtual VIP Days with my clients, I use my headphones or speakers to communicate with them. I know that I'm not the only person who have been on Zoom calls and can barely hear the speaker or they can barely hear you once you've been unmuted. So to remove those distractions, I make sure that I have my headphones, external microphone and speakers in arms reach in case I need them.

Small Desk Mirror

Before I put myself on video, I do a quick mirror check. I make sure that I look presentable at the very least. I don't have to look perfect but I make sure my hair, face and upper body part looks professional. If I'm doing a lunch and learn in my Facebook group: The Bloggers Collective or via other trainings and meetings, I can easily check my desk mirror to ensure that I don't have food particles stuck on my lips or embarrassing!

L-shaped Desk(s) and Bookcase

Technically, I built my L-shaped desk out of a desk I already had and a new bookcase desk that I purchased recently. I kept running out of space to work on only having one desk, so after watching some of my favorite YouTubers, the problem was solved. You can order L-shaped desks from Amazon and most stores that sell furniture or you can create one like I did. I use one desk for my iMac that I work on and the top of the bookcase is where I write, spread out papers, notebooks, etc., to work on. Now this is not extra space for your junk!!!! LOL. You can create a junk drawer or get a decorative box to store your junk in until you're ready to sort through it.

Ring Light or Studio Lighting Equipment

Most of us work during the daylight hours and natural light is not always our friend when it comes to lighting our workspace. I've tried to do Zoom calls where I only used natural light and suddenly the sun would move behind the clouds and there goes my lighting. So now, I use a ring light and other studio lighting equipment to ensure that my virtual workspace is ALWAYS brightly lit. You don't have to invest in studio lighting equipment but I do highly recommend that you purchase a ring light (under $100). I also started creating more video content for my social media channels and I prefer to those at night when my neighborhood is typically quiet and my home environment is more quiet as well. This is where my studio lighting equipment comes in handy because my viewers won't know that the video was created in the daytime or at night.

Candles and Room Spray

Last but certainly not least, I always have to set my virtual workspace mood by lighting a candle or using a room spray if I want to change up the scents. Candles always relaxes me, I have them all over our home. In my virtual workspace it simply just sets the tone for my workday and sometimes the lights from the candles, add extra lighting to my background area(s). On those tough workdays, taking a small break just to enjoy the smell of the aroma in the room, does wonders..... trust me!!!!

Your virtual workspace can be as minimalist or creative as you choose. Stop working in your bed and actually create a small space in your home and watch how your productivity changes over time. I used a corner by our front window to create my virtual workspace and it has made such a huge difference in this short amount of time for me and my business.

Let me know in the comments, what are your virtual workspace must haves?