3 Ways I Manifested My New Job

Career tips during a global pandemic.
Manifesting a new job requires you to get serious about what you want and do the work to go out there and get it!

Can you imagine manifesting a job, during a global pandemic? Do you think it's possible to manifest a new job when the headlines in every media outlet is showing you daily, that millions of people have lost their jobs? I didn't realize or think it was possible either, until I put my mind to work and manifested my new job. I want to take this time and say that I am deeply empathetic to everyone who have lost either employment, loved ones and other essential things in their lives, due to COVID-19. For those who are in the midst of job searching, I pray that my post helps inspire you that it is possible to gain employment, during a global pandemic.

So let's get into the three ways that I manifested my new job:

I identified what type of job I wanted

I knew that I wanted to return back to the workforce because of some financial goals I have for myself and the legacy that I wanted to leave behind. My decision to return back to work, had nothing to do with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship (that's a whole other topic for another day). Therefore, I identified quickly that in order to reach my long-term financial goals, I would need a steady and consistent income. Plus I knew in addition to that income, I needed to identify a job that had a 401(k) match up to 4%.

I wrote down a list of what I wanted to do within my career that I would need little to no training on. Now that I would possibly hold this new position until I retire, I knew that the job had to be within my areas of expertise and work history: domestic violence, case management, working with persons living with HIV/AIDS and/or youth development. I applied for jobs on Indeed, LinkedIn and various company's websites, specifically in those fields. In the past, I tried to for apply entry level positions such as receptionist, administrative assistant and any other clerical duties. My goal was to make money easily, so I knew I didn't want to work a high demanding job. I'll talk more about this part, later on in this post.

I prepared myself for my new job!

Everyday, I mentally and physically prepared myself for going back to work. Remember, I was a full-time entrepreneur for over a year, so I had gotten used to working on my own terms. I began to wake up early daily, completed my morning routines and got dressed in actual clothes. As an entrepreneur, my pajamas were my usual attire for work. I purchased new work clothes, shoes and accessories from my favorite thrift stores. I wanted to be ready and look my best professionally for the interviewing process: the virtual interview, the in person interview and finally, what will become my official start date, for whatever job I would accept the offer on. Being quarantined, like most people, I gained a few pounds so I had to update my wardrobe.

I even prepared myself financially by creating a new budget for myself with what will become my new income. Remember, the point of me going back to work was to accomplish some long-term financial goals that I have. I reduced more of my monthly expenses and gave myself a $1,000 bi-weekly budget to live on. Anything I made over that would automatically go into my investment accounts. Within, that $1,000, a portion of it will go into my long and short term savings accounts. No matter how much money you make, you should ALWAYS pay yourself FIRST (savings/investment).

I did the work!

Career tips on manifesting a new job.
You have to do the work to manifest ANYTHING in your life.

There aren't enough cute and "Happy Planners" in the world, that will exempt anyone from having to do the work regarding anything that you want to do in life! After planning and preparing for a new job, I set resume goals for myself daily. Everyday, I submitted five resumes to job postings in those fields I mentioned above. Yes some days, the application process was tough, but I knew I had to keep going in order to get to the end of the application, because my life and my financial goals depended on it.

I can't tell you how many days I heard NOTHING from employers for days upon days upon days. BUT, I kept doing the work! I even traveled home to Chicago and applied for jobs while there and while my allergies seriously tried to take me out of this world. Then BOOM it happened......... TWO jobs called me to schedule a virtual interview with me. I was so excited and even extended my stay in Chicago until it was time for my in-person interviews. The job offer I decided to accept fit more of my lifestyle: laid back, family-oriented, friendly, impactful, meaningful, opportunities to grow, financially acceptable, etc.

From manifesting so many other things in my life, overall, manifesting my new job boiled down to me visualizing what job I wanted, writing down a list of job duties I wanted to be responsible for doing, preparing myself to be ready to start my new job at any moment and doing the work so that employers knew that I existed. Your job search doesn't have to be difficult, it can be rewarding if you prepare for what you want now! Don't give up!!! Lastly, a 1,000 "No's" will lead you straight to that one "YES" that you need to manifest your new job.

Together, let's help someone who's searching for a new job by posting in the comments, some tips on what to do when searching for a new job during a global pandemic.