3 Things Creatives Can Do During the Corona Virus Shutdown

flatlay with notebook, coffee, phone and earphones
Don't let the Corona virus stop you from creating!

Due to the large and growing numbers of the corona virus, most creatives are worried about the unknown, most public places that we enjoy visiting are closing earlier or shutting down completely, etc. As a photographer, my business has seen the affects of this virus just as other business owners and creatives so I know first hand that it may not seem like it but this is a great time for us creatives to be our best selves and continue to create because guess what? This too shall pass!!!! Your audience is there on the internet more than ever now and so here's your opportunity to keep them engaged as we all go through this social distancing, together. Below are three things that creatives can do during the corona virus:

Learn a new skill

I'm so excited to learn new life skills such as investing and saving money consistently that will help first my personal finances and then eventually will lead to helping me financially within my business. Right before the outbreak of this fatal virus, I had already learned new photography and editing skills so I moved on to learning something entirely new in another industry and perfect for my lifestyle. I encourage you to take this time to learn something new in the current industry that you're in or in another industry that sparks your interest. You've told yourself so often that you didn't have the time to learn x, y and z skills.....well, now there's no excuse!

Batch content

I'm always preaching to my readers and followers about the benefits of batching your content and not posting in real time. In order to batch content, you must first plan your content at minimum for a week first. Afterwards, you can batch emails for newsletter subscribers, you can batch your social media captions, you can batch YouTube videos, blog post photos and batch your blog posts during this time. With the unexpected turn of this emergency shutdown, the content I had planned to release can be saved for a later date and during better times because now, I'm creating content that relates to the times that we are in right now. Which leads me to my next point.

Create content that reflects the current times

You can create content that speaks to or educates people on what they can do, during this difficult time that we are in globally (i.e., this blog post). Trust me, I went through the brief period of not wanting to post anything lifestyle and beauty related when people no longer have jobs to go through and are stressed about their overall livelihood. No matter what your political beliefs are, no matter what industry or niche you create in, you can still create content that helps promote safety and awareness about this pandemic.

I've seen my friends in the financial industries create content around budgeting, investing in stocks, credit card and utility payment resources, etc. My fellow bloggers are posting recipes to smoothies that will help boost your immune system daily, fun and educational activities to do with your children and so forth while you're all home together. You don't have to be an expert to create content that is helpful to your community.

These are just three basic things that you can choose to do instead of worrying yourself about things that are beyond your control. We only know so much right now about the virus so why not use this time to do what you love most, which is being a creative. Your creative gifts and talents will continuously make room for you no matter what. Don't feel pressured to post on social media all of the time either. Take necessary breaks when needed and know that we are all in this together. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments or email them personally to me at info@feliciatsimpson.com.