History Behind the Natural Hair Movement

Image courtesy of Naturally Curly

So I found this video on YouTube called Our Hair-itage A Natural Hair Documentary (PBS Version) and wanted to share here on the blog, as we celebrate Women's History Month. The video is about 24 minutes long so make sure you have time to watch it. Of course historically black women rocking their natural hair dates back to our beautiful black women in Africa. I won't bore you with the textbook version of this natural hair movement, so that's why I provided you with this video instead.

Our black culture is always trendsetters for music, the arts, fashion and beauty. So of course, Europeans and other ethnicities look to us to make their almighty dollars and create the ads we see in magazines or on our televisions. If you are late to this natural hair movement, make sure you watch Nappily Ever After movie on Netflix, starring Sanaa Lathan. It's a modernized story about a woman coming to love herself by loving her natural hair.


I've never been a person to worry about my hair. I'm the gal who will rock a bald fade or wear my hair straightened down to my shoulders. I can say that I have never taken so much care of my hair until I transitioned to natural hair last year. I tried to do the transitioning thing until I went to a natural hair expo and a woman basically said that just like anything else in life, "Don't hold on to that dead weight, cut it off." I went home and did the big chop.

Image courtesy of amaka.co.nz

I'm still under a year of having natural hair but I can't wait until my hair is so bold, long and beautiful like this woman in the image to the right. My hair naturally grows fast so I'm sure it'll be long again in no time.

I'm really not a product junkie meaning having a bulk load of different hair products, I started with using the line of Mielle Organics and been a true Maven ever since. Now I will say that I stock up on my Mielle Organics products cause that's just what us true Mavens do. But in addition to those products I've fallen in love with Uncle Funky's Daughter products to coil my hair. I'm sure, as my hair grows, I'll try different hair products but those natural hair product lines works perfectly for my hair type. Check out my previous blog post on my review of Mielle Organics products here: https://www.feliciatsimpson.com/blog/mielle-organics-products-review

I can't ever recall a moment of being discriminated against my natural hair at a job and my current employer and co-workers instantly embraced my hair once I came back to work from a weekend, with my hair all chopped off lol. It's an amazing feeling wearing my natural hair. I'm not worried about being accepted because of my natural hair, either. I have learned to become best friends with water because my hair while permed did not like to get wet as some of the women in this video stated.

I know women who have natural hair and are waiting until they get to a certain length until they show their hair so they wear weaves or braids to avoid showing their natural hair. I personally don't agree with that because I like my natural hair to breath and flow freely. But I guess I understand the logic behind it. If you are thinking about going natural, do your research on how to go about doing it, what products to use and not to use and how to maintenance your hair weekly because it is a full-time job to keep your natural hair healthy but it's so worth your arms feeling like they are about to fall off lol.