Keyshia Cole an Elder???

Keyshia Cole family photo.
Keyshia Cole and her beautiful family.

Ok so first of all, there's no way in hell that Keyshia Cole is ELDERLY in any type of way, shape or form as a woman in her late 30's. I'm not in her ovaries or reproductive system but she just gave birth to a beautiful baby and so therefore, clearly she has not even gone through menopause to be labeled: an elder. I rarely watch television and didn't get to see the full interview online and from what I saw via Wendy Williams clip, my gal pal, Keyshia Cole, shut down Nick Cannon word of calling her an elder....... IMMEDIATELY!

Just a little back story, K.C., is in her late 30's and her beaux, Niko Hale is in his early 20's. The couple has been together for a while now and now have a baby together. Keyshia, was previously married to former NBA player and now Love & Hip Hop's cast member, Daniel "Boobie" Gibson. Rumors of constant infidelities from the former NBA player, are believed to be the reason behind why they dissolved their marriage. Whatever their reason(s) were is of course their business and none of ours. But K.C. has moved on and living her best life happy, again.

Before I continue, here's the full episode of The Wendy Williams Show that aired the clip of Nick Cannon's interview with Keyshia Cole:

Now I will say this in Nick's defense, I don't think he was viciously trying to attack Keyshia Cole's character or anything like that with his choice of word. I think he was actually coming from a place of "irritating brotherly love" by just warning her in some round about way of the downfalls of dating someone younger than you. But again, at the moment of being called an elder, K.C., went off!

There's a time and a place to share your concerning thoughts and opinions with someone and doing it on a national syndicated show such as Nick Cannon's, is NOT the perfect time. I'm not sure if this stunt was about increasing his ratings or if Nick Cannon, simply chose the wrong word and/or analogy to use to define K.C.'s currently relationship. As long as a woman is happy and the man in her life makes her happy and supports her, that's all that matters. Let me know your thoughts about Nick Cannon calling K.C. an elder, in the comments.