Updated: Jan 30, 2019

We have arrived at the third quarter of the year and I’m excited about the next half of this year.  I’ve decided to take my hair on a journey to being natural, again.  I’ve been watching YouTube videos to properly prepare me for this journey of course.  I’ve decided against doing the big chop (I’ve done that before when I had locs, briefly).  I’m going to gradually grow out my permed, damaged and colored hair and embrace my natural curls as they come in.

In the picture above, I tried the bantu knots twist out to put my hair in a no-heat style to get me going on the natural journey for a few days.  I’ll be attending Essence Fest this weekend and I’m excited to hopefully learn some new techniques and products to use on my hair throughout the transition.  My hair is thick and often dry and y’all should’ve seen how my eyes lit up watching a YouTube video and this woman used virgin olive oil on her natural curls to add an extra shine to her style.  All this time my hair could’ve had that Soul Glo shine, had I known.

Anybody that has gone through this transitioning process knows that it is not an easy task.  I’m up for the challenge and #teamnaturalhair stay with uplifting tips, videos, blogs, etc., on social media platforms so I know I will have a virtual support system if nothing else.  I’ve never been an “all about my hair” type of gal.  I’d cut my hair off and keep it moving, if I wanted to cause it grows back so fast.  For example, I’ve grown my pixie cut out for years now and my current length is good but I know my natural hair will make my hair so much healthier and I’m here for it.

I can’t wait to Tweet about learning my natural curl patterns, wash days, deep conditioning and all the other cool things au natural.  So far I’ve learned that I will definitely need to invest in a toothbrush and a gel for natural hair cause my edges will be crying without the creamy crack that I used for my “touch ups.” Somebody just remind me of this excitement when I’m ready to give up and put some heat directly to my hair.

Help me out readers, post in the comments, links to your favorite protective styles, wash and go’s, products you use, tips, prayers and anything else that you feel will be helpful for me and other readers who may be considering going natural or already in the process.