Mielle Organics: Pomegranate & Honey Skin Care Collection

Mielle Organics skin care products
Pomegranate & Honey Skin Care Collection

Black Friday and #CyberMonday sales were not ending without me stopping by beloved brand, Mielle Organics 50% off sale. Unfortunately, I left my whole toiletries bag in Atlanta last month and it had my face scrub, gummies and their face serum from this brand, in it. So this sale was perfect for me to restock my luxury skin care items, purchase the face mask I've been wanting and their face lotion that I never knew existed, until I started shopping for their Black Friday sale. The only product that I didn't get from this collection was the Pomegranate & Honey Stretch Mark Cream because those days are over with for me having more children!


Luxury skin care products
The only product missing from this collection is the stretch mark cream

Face Mask

Fearless magazine and Mielle Organics luxury skin care.
I'm looking forward to some self-care this weekend

According to the brand, "Caring for your skin is an important part of any beauty routine, and now there’s one more step you can trust to Mielle Organics! When your skin feels dry and dull, a moisturizing face mask can be the perfect step to help you perk up again. Mielle’s Hydrating Face Mask is made with natural ingredients, including honey, pomegranate extract, chamomile flower extract, and charcoal powder, made to gently cleanse your pores and leave you with a radiant glow."

The face mask packaging really confirmed that I had purchased a luxury skin care product. The is a glass container so you will need to handle it with care. The face mask is 3.5fl. oz and the color of the mask is black. I've never used a charcoal mask before and that is one of the main reasons why this has been on my wishlist since Essence this year (it sold out quickly)! This face mask comes with a plastic application spoon to assist you with applying the product. This product is expected to gently cleanse your pores which will result in giving your skin that radiant glow. I'll provide a full review of this product on another post.

Face Lotion

Mielle Organics luxury skin care products
I'm so excited to try the face lotion with SPF 15

The face lotion is 2 fl. oz., so it's the perfect size product to carry in my purse especially in the winter months when my face becomes dry more often. Or throughout the year because New Orleans has tons of outdoor festivals so the SPF in this moisturizer will definitely be beneficial for my skin. It is lightly scented and the cream is thin which my skin may absorb quickly because I have combination skin. Again, I've never used this product and I'm looking forward to seeing what results I obtain from applying this product consistently. According to the brand, "Pomegranate and Honey are combined to support skin's collagen and moisture balance."

You can check out the step-by-step guide of My Bedtime Routine to see how I apply the face cleanser and serum from a previous post. If you have used any of these products before let me know what your experience has been or let me know anything in particular that you would like to know about this product before you purchase it.