My Experience Using My LOLA Subscription

Woman with LOLA menstrual pads
Help end sales tax on period products with LOLA.

If you've been following me on social media, you know last year in June, I partnered with this brand to help raise awareness regarding the state of Louisiana charging sales taxes on essential feminine hygiene products. Although there's work still to be done, I really enjoyed joining the efforts of making feminine hygiene products such as LOLA easily accessible and affordable for all girls and women, tax free.

From my contribution to the campaign, I was gifted a one year subscription with the brand and so far, I am loving my products. According to the brand, "With LOLA you can easily add or remove a box from your subscription whenever you need. Plus, it's super easy to skip a shipment if you have too many products on hand. You know your period best, so we leave it up to you." You can easily pick your products, customize your products to fit your menstrual needs and then plan your monthly subscription that's feasible for you.

My Subscription Products

Image of LOLA period products.
Enjoy customizing your monthly LOLA subscriptions.

So far, I've had two shipments and they included the following products:

Each of the feminine hygiene products includes 100% organic cotton, free of synthetic fibers, fragrances, dyes, chlorine bleach, parabens, sulfates and much more. So not only are these products safe to use but their mission is admirable which overall helps our environment. The daily vitamins tablets also help with menstrual cramps and are gluten-free, soy-free and vegan. There are easy to swallow and has little to no taste to them unlike other brands.

Woman putting period products in a cabinet.
Whether you live alone or with someone, their packaging is very discrete.

I really loved the packaging of the products because it's very discrete and I can place them in my bathroom cabinets without Brian or our guests knowing exactly what the products are. Other brands usually have loud colors and lets everyone around you know that it's that time of the month for you especially if you're purchasing their products in a store. But, if you're like me, who keep my feminine hygiene products in their original packaging while storing them, these products are perfect.

"Half of the population gets periods. That’s a biological fact. And yet, 33 U.S. states still charge a sales tax on period products because they don’t consider them necessities. Since the tampon tax only applies to people who menstruate, this is not just unfair. It's also a form of discrimination. In June (2019), thousands joined us in warning their states: Eliminate the discriminatory tampon tax, or Tax Free. Period. will mobilize legal action to remove it as a matter of equality under the law. Now we have assembled a coalition of lawyers to fight to eliminate the tampon tax in every state. And we need your voice to amplify this movement. Join us in bidding the tampon tax farewell, once and for all."

Not trying to give you TMI, but the pads did not cause any leakage which is very IMPORTANT while on your cycle. They have tampons, condoms and other products to help you practice safe sex and get through those menstrual cycle days. Regardless to what brand of products that you use, as girls and women, we shouldn't have to pay sales taxes on our feminine hygiene products. Make sure you check out LOLA, about their mission here and their products here and if you have any questions, comment below.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not in partnership with LOLA. All thoughts and opinions are my own.