My Red Lip Haul

Black and white flannel shirt, with patches and red lippies

“Beauty to me is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick” – Gwyneth Paltrow

In these beauty streets, I've learned that a gal must wear a red lippie occasionally. I prefer matte liquid lipsticks but I'm open to wearing the traditional tubed lipstick as well. When it comes to rocking a red lippie, I recently had to go on shopping spree to find the perfect red lippie other than the beloved MAC Ruby Woo or New York Apple shades. So this red lippie haul is for all of us gals who are terrified of wearing any red lippies.

Cute Ipsy bag

"Red lipstick is instant glamour." - Charlotte Tilbury

There's something bold about wearing a red lipstick. I'm an introvert, so the last thing I want is to draw attention to myself by wearing red lipstick. I'm learning to change my negative mindset about light-skinned women wearing red shades of lipstick. I blame television and movies that always portrays the light-skinned woman whose a whore or the town's most provocative woman who all wear red lipstick. I remember being a kid and being told that girls who wore red lipstick were "fast" and just trying to get the wrong type of attention. So I have a bad history with the thought of wearing red lipstick.

Now, I see so many beautiful, smart, classy and sexy black women who wear red lipstick and their lips stand out but in a great way. Last summer, for a weekend, I wore red lipstick every time I walked out of the house. Talk about conquering your fears! It wasn't as bad as I thought and it was my first time wearing the red lipstick by Wet N Wild (see image below). Since then, I've splurged a bit and bought some of my favorite red lippies to date. I purchased the flannel shirt in the featured image from the thrift store (act surprised lol) and I rock it with a red lippie and a pair of denim shorts.


Different shades of bright red lipsticks

Red Lippies (right to left)

Wet n Wild #911D Stoplight Red/Feu Rouge | @wetnwildbeauty

No. 7 #900 Pillarbox | @no7usa

REALHER I Am Adaptable Matte Liquid Lipstick | @realhermakeup

Makeup By Sparkle #801 Betty Boo | @makeupbysparkle


If you're afraid of rocking a bright red lippie like I was at first, start with a wine red or cranberry shade first and brighten your shade as you get used to wearing it. You will definitely stand out in any room whenever you wear red lipstick so get used to the stares and those stares are usually good. TIP: I was once told to make sure that I line my lips first with a lip pencil because some red lipsticks tend to "bleed" over your lip line. All of these red lipsticks look great on me and I love how I feel when I wear them even though, again, I'm an introvert and don't like attention. I'm growing out of my shell more so maybe one day when you see me, I'll be wearing a red lippie.