Nzuri Body Essentials Citrus Mimosa Product Review

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Image courtesy of @nzuribodyessentials Instagram

Last week on Instagram, I interviewed Adrienne Hughes-Jackson and Brittany Hughes, the owners of Nzuri Body Essentials. I have been inspired by these ladies as their luxury bath and body products have grown in just two short years. Their products are made with love, natural and organic ingredients. During the live video, the ladies shared with myself and the viewers tips on becoming entrepreneurs, how they went from fashion and beauty bloggers to becoming full-time entrepreneurs, stories about their customer service experiences during different events where they have been vendors at, to what it's like to work together as a mother and daughter in a business. If you missed the live video interview, you certainly missed out on a real transparent conversation with the ladies of Nzuri Body Essentials.

Now before I get into the product review, let me share the definition of the nzuri with you. According to a Swahili dictionary, nzuri means "beautiful, nice." That is exactly what you get while using their products. You feel beautiful in your own skin. The owners sent me a 4oz bottle of their most popular product to date, the Citrus Mimosa Exfoliating Body Polish to review and also samples of their Vanilla Lavender and Mandarin Orange Souffles. Girl, my bath time routine this past weekend, was so relaxing and my skin felt so clean, healthy and moisturized after I used the products that I will definitely be using more of their products.

Like most women, I am a busy and productive woman so I make sure that I make time for self-care. Especially on the weekends, when I have a more flexible schedule. I really take time to pamper myself and enjoy those moments to not only care for my body, but also my spirit and my mind. During the video interview, it was great to learn that Mrs. Adrienne has a background in Aromatherapy and Brittany is a licensed Esthetician so I knew that with their credentials, that I not only trust them but that I trust their products as well. I used the Citrus Mimosa Exfoliating Body Polish over a series of three days just to really spend some time with the product in order to review it.

As soon as I opened my package that arrived in the mail, I was simply amazed by the smell of the products and the personalized note they sent me, now hangs on my vision board as a reminder of this experience. Each time I used the product, it melted right away on my skin and left my skin feeling very moisturized due to the ingredients in the product and it left my skin glowing. According to the label on the product it states that, "Citrus Mimosa Exfoliating Body Polish made with pacific sea salt deeply penetrates the skin lifting away dead skin cells and increases blood circulation, resulting in healthy, beautiful, natural glowing skin." That is exactly how my skin felt after using this product.

I used this product again, on three different days and I used it while showering and during my bath time. I also loved how, even after I was done using the product, it had my bathroom still smelling citrusy for about 20 more minutes. Walking into my bathroom, you would've thought I had a candle lit. As instructed, once I rinsed the product off, I patted myself dry to ensure that I did not strip away the moisturizing components of the product. Because my skin was already moisturized at that point, on the first day of using the product I didn't add anything else such as lotions or creams after my shower. On days two and three, I used each sample of their body souffles and it made my body feel smooth as a baby's bottom.

Although the souffles were a cream-like product, they weren't too thick which was perfect for me. I don't like thick products because it's too much work making sure that you've rubbed the product in well. Their Vanilla Lavender souffle had my boyfriend repeatedly telling me how great I smelled all evening on the days that I used them. Extra points for him! Overall, these products were great for my skin for a daily use or just when I need that deep exfoliating polish on my body and following up with their moisturizing souffles helped seal the moisture in from the body polish.

Let's support this dynamic mother and daughter duo. Check out all of their bath and body products on their website here.

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