Quick Tips to Care for Your Natural Hair this Summer

Taking care of my natural hair is my "mane" focus this summer. I really want to get protective styles like box braids or Singlese twists but I'm really not into sitting for long periods of time, getting my hair done. So instead, I'll be rocking my #twa per the usual but will be doing extra maintenance to it to keep my hair healthy, this summer. I'm still a newbie when it comes to taking care of my natural hair so I wanted to share with you, some tips that I've learned from my research on ways that we all can take care of our natural hair this summer.

Hydrate your hair. According to Step to Health, "If it isn’t hydrated properly, your hair will be weak, brittle, dull, tangled, and will fall out easily. In general, the causes of your hair being like this are poor diet, the sun’s rays, or harmful agents like the chlorine in swimming pools (2019)."

Co-wash your hair!!!! You definitely want to start back co-washing your hair during the warm or hot summer months depending on where you live. This keeps your hair essentially moisturized. When I first started on this natural hair journey, I co-washed every three times a month and use shampoo once a month on my hair to help keep it moisturized.

Wear protective styles. You can wear like I mentioned earlier, braids, buns, wigs or twists to protect your hair during the summer, it gives your arms and fingers a break lol and protect styles of course, lessens heat damage. Here's a search I did on YouTube for protective styles if you're interested in trying one of these styles out this summer, click here.

I found a quick informative video created by GreenBeauty about the facts of wearing protective styles:

Tips for when you go swimming:

Who's ready to run and jump in the nearest pool this summer? I certainly am!!!! A fellow blogger, Taylor Michelle wrote:

"The chemical chlorine that is found in swimming pools can cause a very drying effect on natural hair. Tangles and sometimes breakage are common. To prepare your hair for swimming, thoroughly apply fresh water, a leave-in, and an oil to create a layer between the chlorine and your strands to limit the absorption. Additionally, wearing a protective style is a good choice too. Afterwards, use a thorough cleansing shampoo followed by your usual deep conditioner (Caring for Natural Hair, 2019)."

Make sure you are sealing your hair with an oil. If you haven't figured out yet, the common tip to taking care of your natural hair this summer, is keeping your hair moisturized this summer and of course that includes, sealing your hair with oil. I use Mielle Organics Almond Mint Oil mostly and every now and then, I'll seal my hair with olive oil. I have coconut oil but never use it on my hair.

As always, do your own research when caring for your natural hair. These are just some basic tips for all hair types and lengths. If you are not into doing your own hair, talk to a licensed beautician that specializes in natural hair care on what's the best ways to protect your hair this summer.