The Most Effective Foods to Boost Your Memory

Black woman eating a chocolate candy bar.
You can enjoy dark chocolate and boost your memory.

With a family history of Alzheimer and Dementia, I am always looking for ways to educate myself on how to keep my brain healthy and avoid those deadly diseases. The great thing about eating the suggested foods to boost my memory is that, on any given day, I actually enjoy eating the foods. So there's no extreme diet or rules that I need to adhere to be effective, while trying to boost my memory.

Look at the chart below and write in your journal, this list of foods to boost your memory and/or write down the foods that you need to consume more of from this chart. For myself, I would have to say, I need to eat more brussel sprouts and ginger.

Chart of foods to boost your brain memory.
What food(s) do you need to consume more of?


I also found the following list of foods and beverages from Healthline, to help boost your memory:

  1. Fatty fish (ex., salmon, sardines, trout, catfish and shrimp)

  2. Coffee

  3. Broccoli

  4. Blueberries

  5. Pumpkin seeds

  6. Nuts (ex., walnuts, almonds, peanuts and pistachios)

  7. Turmeric

  8. Dark Chocolate

  9. Oranges

  10. Eggs

  11. Green Tea

I was especially excited to see coffee on this list because it's my favorite beverage to drink in the mornings but we always hear the bad things about drinking coffee because of the caffeine. According to Healthline and their sources here are some important facts to consider about drinking coffee:

  • Increased alertness: Caffeine keeps your brain alert by blocking adenosine, a chemical messenger that makes you sleepy (10Trusted Source, 11Trusted Source, 12Trusted Source).

  • Improved mood: Caffeine may also boost some of your "feel-good" neurotransmitters, such as serotonin (13).

  • Sharpened concentration: One study found that when participants drank one large coffee in the morning or smaller amounts throughout the day, they were more effective at tasks that required concentration (14Trusted Source).


Again, most of these foods, I'm sure you already consume so now that you have an idea of the effective foods to boost your brain's memory, share this knowledge with someone else. I'm going to drink more teas with ginger in them and eat more brussel sprouts (I don't really care for them). If you come across any other foods that aren't on the lists above, please share them in the comments.