The Ultimate Holiday Showdown with Silk Therapeutic Cleansers

Silk Therapeutics cleansers.
This wasn't an easy showdown because both products are unique in their own ways.

Awhile back, I partnered with Silk Therapeutics and I took their 10 Day Activated Silk Challenge. Taking this challenge is how I was introduced to this brand and their products. Well after I finished the challenge, I purchased what I thought was the full-size cleanser from the challenge. Once I posted the pic on social media, the brand saw that I made the wrong purchase and gifted me the correct cleanser.

Most of my facial cleansers are creams with the exception of those that are for exfoliating the skin which usually are gels so I was excited to do an ultimate SHOWDOWN with these two cleansers. If you're new in these beauty streets, a showdown with products is simply comparing the same type of products. It can be products from the same brand or different brands.

Complete Gel Facial Cleanser

Silk Therapeutics cleanser
Are you looking for a light weighted gel facial cleanser?

This thin layered Complete Gel Facial Cleanser according to the brand, can be used day and night to cleanse skin and is for all skin types, including sensitive skin. I find myself pouring a lot of the product into my hands because it's so thin that I want to make sure that it lathers well. This product doesn't have any identified scents which is perfect for sensitive skin. My skin is typically dry around the chin area and oily in the T-zone area of the face so I have combination skin. When looking for products, I tend to go towards thicker and creamier products, so in this showdown, I'm not a fan of the gel cleanser.

Refresh Facial Cleanser

Silk Therapeutics cleanser
The Refresh Facial Cleanser is my favorite

The Refresh Facial Cleanser ingredients include water, Olea Europaea oil, Gylcerin, Myristic Acid, Oleic Acid, Lauric Acid, Stearic Acid, Silk and Sodium Anisate. Just as with the gel cleanser, you can use this one, both day and night, and it's for all skin types as well.

It dispenses from the tube thickly but once you apply it to your face it thins out . Between the two of these products this one would probably be my favorite to use often. I would probably use the gel cleanser more as a back up. I almost thought I received an empty tube because the weight of it, is so light. You can barely "feel" the product inside holding the tube which is perfect for your traveling essentials.

If you're shopping for skin care products this holiday season, these are great to have for yourself, stocking stuffers or gifts for your favorite beauty blogger or influencer to review.