Think and Grow Rich

I took the summer off from reading books and jumped right into this beauty, as soon as summer ended. I've heard of this book before but never had any intentions on reading it. As I entered the fourth quarter this year, I decided to read this book because as most people in this world, my negative thoughts about money affects my bank account currently. I don't want to enter into another month or another new year, with the same negative thoughts about money and expecting to be rich someday. According to this book, Think and Grow Rich, "thoughts are things." So I need to align my thoughts about money so that my bank account desires can become a reality.

Book and a bottle of wine.
Think and Grow Rich is a timeless book that will change how you view success.

"If the first plan which you adopt does not work successfully, replace it with a new plan, if this new plan fails to work, replace it, in turn with still another, and so on, until you find a plan which DOES WORK. Right here is the point at which the majority of men (women) meet failure, because of their lack of PERSISTENCE in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail......... Just keep in mind and remember when your plans fail, that temporary defeat is not permanent failure. It may only mean that your plans have not been sound. Build other plans. Start all over again." - Napoleon Hill

I had no prior expectations about this book, but let me say this, if you decide to read this book, you will not want to speed through it. The continuous gems that Napoleon Hill drops in this book (foreword by Steve Harvey) need to be slowly downloaded into your mind and savored into your thoughts. This book was published in 1937, has sold over 20 million copies and it is considered the greatest book ever written on how to achieve success. I won't argue with that consideration but no book, no matter the subject, compares to the Bible.

Hill was a journalist, an advisor to former President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his life and philosophy changed once he interviewed Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie challenged him to interview over 500 extremely successful people to identify what they deemed, were the common reasons that caused them to achieve so much success. Hill spent over 20 years interviewing those successful people and developed a simple formula, in the form of 13 principles, for success.

"Your achievement can be no greater than your plans are sound." - Napoleon Hill

I won't be a book spoiler, so you will have to read the book to obtain the 13 principles and hopefully apply those principles to your everyday life. I am learning so much from reading this book and understanding the thoughts behind other successful people who existed long before our social media gurus and whose wealth of knowledge can still be applied today in our society. While reading this, your mind may drift off at times because he is, giving a lot of historical information because that was the time he was living in. Stay focused because usually once your mind drifts, he hits you with some profound information and insights that you need.

I've written in my journal all of the principles to the Think and Grow Rich formula and my goals and outlook on success is up for the challenge and my desire to change my thoughts about success and money starts NOW! Let me know your thoughts if or when you read this book.