Want to Impress a Man While Dating?

Black couple dating.
Being yourself is the easiest way to impress any man that you are dating

I have to admit, it’s been awhile since I’ve entered into the dating world so I took my thoughts to social media of course and had conversations around ways that women can impress a man while dating. The goal here for this topic is to help build confidence in women while they are dating. This topic is not intended to indicate that men are not to still pursue women while dating.

If you shall happen to implement these practices into your dating life and he proposes......sis, send me an invite to the wedding lol. Seriously, I've learned that doing these things while dating is key to my overall happiness in life.

Carry yourself like a woman with dignity

Don’t be too explicit in your body language or during any of your conversations period. There is a place and time to flirt while dating but being too aggressive or overtly sexual is definitely a turn-off to most men. If you need help with this study women like Phylicia Rashad, Lynn Whitfield, Diahann Carroll, Beyonce or anyone who gracefully enters a room and captures the heart of many. Read self-help books or watch YouTube videos but do something that shows that you are a woman with dignity and to be treated as such.

This also includes carrying yourself with dignity with your attire. Make sure that you are dressed appropriately at all times. Don’t dress too risqué or show too much where it doesn’t leave much to the imagination of the man you’re dating. I know we can get comfortable around our men but still make yourself look good indoors and especially when you go out on dates. You want heads turning your way because you look good and not because people are whispering and pointing their fingers at you because you have all your goodies hanging out. If you're not sure if your outfit is presentable, FaceTime your bff and get her advice. Friends don't let friends go out in public looking ratchet.....remember that!

Be very confident in who you are upfront

Regardless if you’re an introvert or extrovert, be confident in who you are and the value that you bring to the dating table. I’m a very shy person but my energy when you’re around me lets you know instantly, that I’m very confident in myself. If you don’t possess confidence, now is the perfect time to do things that will help boost your self-esteem. A man is easily impressed by a woman who he doesn’t have to constantly help boost her ego because she lacks confidence in herself.

Love yourself wholeheartedly

This needs to be said first but it’s never too late to be said: LOVE YOURSELF! Deal with past hurts and insecurities BEFORE you start dating. Even if you are dating now, a man would appreciate and be impressed by you more, if you took the time that you needed, to get the help you need to love yourself before continuing to date.

Pay attention

Put the cell phone away and pay attention. It is very rude and unattractive for you to be checking and responding to emails or social media posts every single time you get a notification while in the presence of a man especially while on a date (and the same goes for him). You may be missing some key red flags or something important he’s saying if you’re distracted by your phone. Either turn it completely off or on silent so that you cannot be disturbed. If you have small children, ask that the babysitter only contacts you in case of an emergency.

Whether you’re going on your first date, fifth date or been dating for awhile, you can do all of these things to impress the man that you’re dating. Again, this is not to say that men aren’t still supposed to pursue or court you while dating. These tips are from a general study I did (plus my extensive research on Google University lol) and I have incorporated in my own life while dating so I can assure you that they’re worth giving these tips a try.