Wash Day Routine Must Have Tools

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Mielle Organics products and hair tools.
Wash day is soothing to my soul weekly.

After I get over knowing that my arms are about to fall off during my wash day routine, I realized that there are just some tools that I must have to help me tame this #twa (all tools aren't pictured). Most of these tools can be purchased for under $5 (except for #17) at your local beauty supply stores so feel free to go ball out with your coins lol. Below are a list of the tools that I must have and that I use often:

Pink plastic spray bottle
I clean my spray bottle tube bi-weekly.

1. Spray bottle for water

2. Plastic dispenser bottle for oil

3. Metal clips to help keep my hair sectioned within a section

4. Plastic clamps to section my hair

5. Denman brush

6. Rat-tail comb to part hair

7. Toothbrush to smooth or brush my edges

8. Bobby pins to keep my hair parted

9. Silk scarf to tie my hair at night

10. Perm rods

11. Silk rollers (lessens hair breakage)

Denman brush
Denman brushes and I have a love/hate relationship.

12. Wide-toothed comb to detangle hair

13. Brush that smoothes my hair back in an updo or side-do as I call it

14. Elastic bands (similar to rubber bands) to help section my hair

15. Pick to pull hair at the roots for volume

16. Towels (things get messy and I'm OCD about having clean hands)

17. Wine.............yes, that's a tool for me to keep my mind off of my hair falling off.

18: Plastic cap (or you can use a plastic grocery bag) for deep conditioning my hair

Out of all of these tools, I probably use the pick, clips, bobby pins, silk scarf and plastic dispenser bottle for oil probably the most. I use these daily and nightly when I'm maintenancing my hair. I have all of my tools organized in a plastic three tier drawer set but I do keep certain tools like perm rods and the silk rollers in separate plastic tupperware containers to keep everything organized. Now would be a time to be a vlogger and create a video on how to organize your natural hair products and tools lol. I may show this in an Instagram story today though.

Meille Organics Pomegrante & Honey products.
Metal hair clips are great to section shorter natural hair.

I totally believe in storing my tools in their proper places after each wash day routine, but before I store them, I make sure I sanitize everything first so that it can be cleaned at the end of the week when it's time to do it all over again. Just like your hair gets build up, so does your tools if you don't keep them cleaned and sanitized. I also switch out my tools made from metal like the silver metal clips. On an average, I discard them every three months and buy a new set. They're only like $1.50 so I'd rather get new ones than use them once they start to rust because of the water residue that is left on them after each use.

Edge control gel by Mielle Organics
The laying of edges is serious for some naturalistas.

#DontJudgeMe but I also wash the product bottles after each use. Again, I like my things organized and cleaned. So I go the extra mile with cleaning my products and tools every wash day.....every single wash day......If tidying up is a challenge for you, do it while your hair is deep conditioning instead of watching tv. Buy towels at the $1 store or thrift store that is just for your hair tools and products and keep them near your products and tools, that way you will be prompted to clean them immediately after each use. But just start creating that habit and you'll do it naturally eventually.