Werk Pray Slay: Live with MUA Lovetta Beauty

MUA at Werk Pray Slay 2019
Remember, you're beautiful on the INSIDE & on the OUTSIDE

"Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world." - Marilyn Monroe

After attending a couple of sessions for day 2 of the conference, I needed a little break to recharge my energy. There was a suite for Platinum & VIP attendees to help you stay relaxed with massage services, and women werking to help you touch up your hair and makeup, if needed.

As I was there, I walked around and began taking pictures and as I was taking pictures, I overheard The Beauty Image Strategist, Lovetta Beauty explaining what beauty products that she was applying to the beautiful woman sitting in her chair and she even went further and explained, why she was applying said products. Again, I came into the VIP room to "rest" for a minute but I was so intrigued by the experience that Lovetta was providing to the woman, that I grabbed a chair and sat down and watched her finish the soft look.

MUA at Werk Pray Slay 2019
The artistry of applying makeup correctly, is an experience that you will love.

Obviously, Lovetta is beautiful on the outside and I would quickly learn that she is beautiful on the inside as well. As a beauty blogger, I'm always looking for new content to create and learn how to educate myself on the products that I use in my everyday life to share with my readers. Check out this video clip of Lovetta, explaining the application process. I apologize for not getting the woman in the chair name, so if you were at WPS and you know her, please tag her for me.

I felt as if I was on the set of my favorite movie because Lovetta makeup station had everything us brown skinned-girls needed for our many shades and skin types.

I was so intrigued to see all of the different shades of foundations and concealers for "us" because that used to be so rare, but thanks to beauty brands such as The Lip Bar and Fenty Beauty, that narrative has changed!

Somewhere in my former life, I was a journalist because I love interviewing people. MUA's get tagged in our posts all of the time but rarely, do I see content of interviews with them unless they are a celebrity MUA. So once Lovetta was finished WERKING, I asked her if I could do a quick interview with her for the blog and she quickly said yes! Check out the live interview and her testimony, of how she became a MUA below:


"The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy." - Yves Saint Laurent

MUA at Werk Pray Slay 2019
What is your Leader's Look?

If you are in Atlanta or visiting, and looking to create your "Leader's Look" as she calls it, to help you build your brand's message, make sure you contact Lovetta Beauty and follow her on Instagram.