What's In My Bag This Spring?

I'm so excited to drop that huge (and heavy) purse that I was carrying all winter long, and trading it in for this cute, rose pink and chic patent-leather purse instead. Unfortunately, I still carry my mobile office with me but I use a book bag from Vera Bradley, for those items. This spring, I decided to give my readers a look inside of my bag. These items listed are essentials that I carry with me everyday and everywhere that I go:

Phone charger: I mean because duh...... right?1?! I have several chargers so that I'm never left without one because I need to be able to communicate with my family, clients and readers at all times that I'm accessible.

Kleenex: Springtime means allergies on deck and in full motion. I'm usually outdoors a lot in the spring so I carry Kleenex for wiping my nose as pollen fills the air.

Mascara: I don't wear makeup everyday, but I will throw on some mascara to dress up my eyes and give my look that extra pop I need every now and then.

Lipstick: I love wearing a nice rose colored pink lipstick or lipgloss in the spring. Pictured is the Estee Lauder's Pinkberry Creme #82 color.

Pen: I'm a writer so of course I carry a pen with me everywhere that I go to jot those brilliant (and sometimes over the top) ideas of mine down lol.

Compact mirror: Spinach from my spring salads in my teeth is not cute! So I carry a small mirror with me to do food in my teeth checks, periodically. I know, I know, some people just use their phone camera.

Altoids (mints): Speaking of food, I have to keep a fresh breath at all times so you will always find mints in my purse no matter the season. These are great to keep in your purse if you're a socialite introvert like me who loves to bar hop or attend networking events.

Travel size perfume: Ladies, we all can use a little freshen upper when we're out and about handling our business. When you take a trip to the powder room on your next date or business meeting, spray a few pumps of perfume to give yourself a boost of energy. Or it can be used as an emergency air freshener when you eat something and have to run to the nearest restroom insight.

Wallet: Never, ever, ever, leave home without your wallet. I'm 38 years old and still get carded. That means black don't crack as they say but I don't want to ruin any fun, by leaving my wallet at home.

Sunglasses: Although we're basically in the clear of winter, the weather is still changing and every woman should keep a pair of sunglasses on her at all times. I'm at that age now where I'm moving from wearing sunglasses because it goes with my outfit to wearing them more to protect my eyes from being damaged by the sun. But having them in your purse this spring is a necessity either way.

Lip balm: I admit, although my rose pink lipstick is very pretty to wear, I don't always have to wear lipstick so for me the alternative would be a peach pink lip treatment (balm) by Hanalei. Make sure any lip balms you use have natural mineral ingredients in it that protects your lips from the sun as well. This will prevent UV rays from touching the skin on your lips.

I am a clutch type of gal and will change my clutches or purses according to my outfit that day if I'm going out. I may change my purse, but the items in them don't usually change unless it's a tiny size clutch or purse. If that's the case I downsize the items to whatever will fit after my wallet essentials (I.D., business cards, debit card and credit card). But for everyday wear, I'm rocking this purse that gets me through my busy days.

What are you carrying in your bag this spring?