What’s in My October Glam Bag

Flatlay of fall makeup.
October Ipsy Glam Bag is inspired by Betty Boop.

I just fell in love, again.....with my Ipsy monthly subscription. First of all, I love Betty Boop....I have a tattoo of her on my lower right leg, so my heart melted when I saw this months bag. This year, I became a member because I wanted to create more content around beauty for my readers. This seemed to be the better way to try products without actually having to go to stores to purchase each product or spending hours online shopping. For $10 a month, I get to try five products based on an IPSY matching technology after I created my profile and BOOM, the products are delivered to my door in the cutest pink bag. Speaking of their infamous pink bags, this month the packaging was a softer pink instead of the fuchsia color. Nevertheless, I'm loving everything about this month's product selections.


Products (valued at $50+):


Lipstick shade: Mauve
Mauve shade of lipstick and a lip scrub

Out of all of the products, I'm really looking forward to wearing the Betty Boop mauve lipstick and adding the lip scrub to my daily cleansing routines. From the product description it says to, "Before applying your lip color, massage a small amount of this lip scrub onto your lips and gently wipe off with a soft tissue."

Stock photo of beauty products.
These beauty products will definitely be worn this fall.

The skin on my lips peel often and I never thought until recently, to try a lip scrub. I was extremely excited to receive one this month. While obviously trying to find a remedy for this issue, I stumbled on the cause of lips peeling:

"A change in temperature and humidity levels, exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, dehydration, harsh cosmetics and a deficiency in vitamin B also contribute to these conditions. Constant licking of your lips can also cause skin to peel, flake or crack as the saliva tends to evaporate, further drying the lips (Home Remedies)."

The lip balm can be applied to your cheeks and eyelids also to add more intensity according to the description. This shall be interesting to try out.

This is not a sponsored post although that would be lovely. I'm really into skin care and because of that, I have to be into the beauty products that I apply on my skin. Any products that I don't want to keep I donate them, use them for giveaways or create stock photos with them for social media or the blogs. I'm resourceful, so I'll find a way to use just about anything.

I will be traveling soon to a conference in Atlanta, so instead of hauling my full-size bottles of perfume, the travel size Comptoir Sud Pacifique Abricot Eau de Toilette is going to come in handy. My trip is not long and the goal is to pack light! The scent smells so good and can definitely be worn everyday without flaring up people allergies when I enter a room. It is suggested to let the perfume dry on its own instead of rubbing your wrists together. Good luck with that Felicia, because I know just out of habit, I'll rub my wrists together lol. I have tons of mascara, so this one by Benefits Cosmetics, will travel with me also on my trip.

Overall, I can't wait to use the products in my Glam Bag this fall and of course, if you're following me on Instagram, then you know that I will post pics of me wearing the products (minus the perfume obviously lol).