10 Ways to Organically Boost Your Energy

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I have spent so many years trying to figure out how to keep the same level of high energy that I feel once I'm fully awake, all day long. I noticed that around 2pm everyday, I get sleepy. I wasn't sure if the coffee I drank in the morning had worn off by then or it's just my body telling me that I needed a boost of energy to get me through the remainder of my day.

I was searching online and came across 10 ways to organically boost your energy that fits well within my lifestyle. Although this is my list that helps me organically boost my energy, feel free to use or customize it to fit your lifestyle and/or health related concerns:

  1. Get more sleep

  2. Walk around the block

  3. Drink fresh vegetable juices

  4. Reduce carb consumption

  5. Avoid smoking and drinking

  6. Eat healthy meals

  7. Drink plenty of water

  8. Eat fruits that contains vitamin C

  9. Drink decaffeinated tea or coffee

  10. Get a medical check-up

I really want to do more walking than I feel like I do on an average. I live right across the street from a park so there's no excuse, why I don't get out and walk more other than this disrespectful heat in NOLA. For those of us who live in hot and humid areas, I'm guessing that we should either walk early in the mornings or closer to sunset when the temperature is cooler.

The older I get, I realize that I can't stay out all night, partying and drinking the night away and function normally the next day. Now, it takes me about two days to recover from a night out of partying and drinking. I cut out drinking cocktails (too much sugar) when I go out and I stick to just wine or beer mostly. Excessive drinking (and smoking) just drains the life out of any person and I need all of my energy to stay focused on my goals and get through those tough days.

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I'm s-l-o-w-l-y trying to stop drinking coffee and drink green tea instead.......the struggle is so real. I love my coffee but I think mentally, it's just the warm sensation that my body appreciates in the morning to wake me up. I could replace drinking coffee with green tea or having a glass of water with a slice of lemon in it when I first wake up instead. I don't know.....the giving up coffee is going to be hard. I did read somewhere that it's suggested that we not consume our morning cup of coffee so fast, but rather take our time......good luck with that!

There are tons of ways to organically boost your energy. Check with your primary physician and make sure that anything that you have concerns about doing or consuming is cleared first.

Let me know what other ways you can organically boost your energy. Post your response in the comments.