20 Spring Picnic Must-Have Items

I love having picnics in the springtime because the weather is not too hot or cold, the temperatures are usually just right. I enjoy having picnics by myself and with my partner. Although this list may appear long, it's really not if you purchase a basket or bag that already has most of these items in it. You can usually find those of course on Amazon, but also at your local stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, Burlington Coat Factory, Target, Walmart, etc.

To me food is obvious so I didn't list it but you can make your own cheese boards, sandwiches or snacks to bring along or you can purchase food from your favorite restaurant as a carry-out or purchase food from your local grocery store. I personally prefer buying food and fruit from the grocery store because it's easier to discard of once the picnic is over.

Below is a list of mainly what I bring with me on a picnic and some stuff I added for mothers with small children:

  1. Bottles of wine or your favorite beverage(s): I prefer sipping on my favorite white or blush red wines in the spring and summer because they have a lighter and refreshing taste in warm weather. But you can choose your beverages to your liking.

  2. Silverware (paper or plastic): It's easier to throw these away instead of bringing your silverware from home.

  3. Magazines or book to read: Picnics are perfect for reading time. That book that you've been dying to read or slacking on reading, grab you a blanket, find some grass and start reading. I'm always searching for blog topics so picnics are the time for me to enjoy reading magazines.

  4. Blanket or a flat sheet: I highly suggest you don't bring your 350-thread count blanket to the picnic. Instead, use an old blanket or sheet that you don't if it gets dirty or stained. You can also keep this blanket or sheet in the trunk of your car in case you ever want to do an impromptu picnic one day.

  5. Flowers and a vase: This is optional but I love adding a fresh bouquet of flowers in a vase to my picnic setup. Feel free to use artificial flowers and you can find a cheap vase at a thrift store.

  6. Plates (paper or plastic): These can easily be discarded after you use it. I would like to add here that you can also bring tupperware if you think you're going to have leftovers.

  7. Plastic cups: Not sure where you live but some city ordinances don't allow glass bottles in parks so to avoid being fined, I suggest you sip your beverages from plastic cups. Also if you accidentally knock your drink over, you won't waste your picnic time, cleaning up glass.

  8. Corkscrew or bottle opener: I love a cold glass of wine or beer in the spring so I always carry with me these tools in my picnic basket.

  9. Small cutting board: You may need to slice or cut fruit or cheese or deli meat once you arrive at your picnic location. So keeping a small cutting board in your bag will definitely come in handy.

  10. Small or medium bag: This is needed to carry all of your items in. I love carrying everything in a tote bag once I have it all organized lol.

  11. Bug spray: There's no escaping those little critters flying around or crawling on your blanket at times, so make sure you have some bug spray in your bag.

  12. Sunscreen: Always protect your skin whenever you are going to be outdoors in the sun for a while.

  13. Baby wipes: You can clean spills or your hands using baby wipes and if you have baby or toddler, you probably already have this item in your diaper bag.

  14. Napkins: Same thing as above. But some people prefer using napkins as opposed to wipes so you do have options.

  15. First aid kit: If you decide to bring your kids, or maybe even for yourself, always keep a first aid kit around because things happen and you want to be prepared for a fall off of a bicycle or if you have boys, the play fighting can wind up in a cut or bruises ---- OUCH!

  16. Condiments: If you're bringing food that requires condiments, bring it with you with. If you're bringing food from a restaurant, ask them to put extra condiments in your bag.

  17. Bottles of water: Stay hydrated as much as possible. You can get 4oz size bottles of water or full size bottles but just make sure you pack some water for your picnic. Especially if you're bringing your pet dog along or you need water to clean up items or spills.

  18. Cooler: Never leave home without a cooler for a picnic. This is to keep beverages and your food cold. It can be a heavy duty cooler or a styrofoam cooler that you can easily purchase from Walmart or a local gas station.

  19. Trash bags: Clean up your area after your done! Bring a trash bag and help keep our parks and other scenic areas clean.

  20. Entertainment of your choice: You can bring anything that entertains you on your picnic. It can be a radio, deck of cards, board games, puzzle or anything that makes you smile and enjoy the simple things in life.

Click the slideshow below to see more pictures from the picnic:

Picnics are fun to do if you don't make a fuss over it. You can use all 20 of these items listed or only three of them. But whatever you do, just make sure that you are having fun or enjoying a relaxing moment by yourself or with the people you love. Don't bring your work that stresses you out to a picnic. If you have a hobby or are a creative like me, you can definitely bring that kind of work with you on your picnic as long as you enjoy your environment and stay in the moment. I hope these tips helped you enjoy your next picnic.