3 Staple Pieces Every Blogger Needs

If you are a blogger no matter what you blog about and you use your own photos, to me, you need these three basic pieces that you can wear often: a pair of jeans, a graphic tee and accessories. I don't always use full length pictures for my blog posts but I still want to be chic and cute.

I usually shop at thrift stores to shop for my photo shoot looks and any other looks for that matter lol. I've never splurged really on buying clothes and I don't consider myself a fashion expert so I don't spend too much time fretting over clothes. I did purchase these jeans in the images from the thrift store but I splurged on this graphic tee that was $19 at the time. You can find graphic tees to fit whatever category that you blog about, online.

I must have tons of bracelets on my wrist to add that extra pop to my outfit. I love wearing my brand colors with every outfit also. My brand colors are: soft pink, rose gold, black, white and gold. I laugh to myself because I wear denim so much that I'll say blue is my honorary color also.

You can definitely make any plain outfit dressier, classier or chic, just by adding accessories. Notice I never said shoes because again, you can get away with not having full length images in your blog posts.

I personally chose this new set of bracelets because of the messages in the charms. I live in NOLA so of course the "Louisiana" charm was great! "I Woke Up Like This Charm" spoke to that sassy side of me and "The Lord be with you" charm speaks for itself, because I carry the Lord with me, every single place that I go....PERIODT!

Typically for posts about my natural hair journey, I'll wear a graphic tee or plain top because the focus of the image is more on my hair and not my outfit. I am such a "tom-girl" that these three staple pieces are a go-to outfit for me whether it's for a blog post or not. You can add a blazer to these pieces to dress it up with a pair of heels. Or you can dress it down and rock them with a pair of tennis shoes (gym shoes for my Chicago peeps lol). Whatever you choose, is totally up to you.

What are your three staple pieces to wear? Write your response in the comments.



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