3 Ways that I Refresh My Thoughts as a Creative

Woman lying on a bed at night reading.
I find so much creativity from reading books.

Writer's have writers block when they are feeling "stuck" in their thoughts but what about us creatives???? What are some things that we can do when our creative juices just aren't flowing like we would want them to? I've thought of three ways that I refresh my thoughts as a creative, that may help you also.


Whether it's reading a book, article online or in a magazine, reading always refreshes my thoughts as a creative. I get so much inspiration from reading books that I instantly get motivated and my creative thoughts start flowing again. For example, whenever I read a magazine or even look through the pages casually, I find new blog topics to write about. If I'm reading Oprah's magazine and the title of an article is 7 Ways to Find True Love, I'll simply change the number 7 to 3 and write from my own perspective. While you're reading, jot down ideas that comes to your mind and that will help you refresh your thoughts as a creative.

It's WINE O'CLOCK!!!!!!!!!

A woman selecting a bottle of wine to drink.
Cheers to being a creative!!!!!!!

If you've been following me or personally know me, then you know that I love wine. Especially, red wine! So sometimes, to refresh my creative thoughts, I simply pour myself a nice glass of wine and just be still and one with my thoughts. Removing myself from the areas where I typically write or gather photography concepts are a bonus to do also while enjoying a glass of wine. In case you're wondering, my favorite wine to drink is Cabernet Sauvignon followed by Merlot and Pinot Noir. Whatever helps you refresh your creative thoughts, do it!


Woman looking through a cookbook for a recipe.
Regardless of my daily schedule, I enjoy cooking daily.

Cooking is so therapeutic to me. I noticed that while I'm cooking almost anything, my mind drifts off into a creative space. My creativity usually sparks during a moment while I'm cooking and I either keep my journal next to me or my phone opened to the notes, in case I need to write something down that comes to mind. I eat a lot (usually something healthy so it's not a bad thing to do actually) and so I'm always in the kitchen cooking a meal or planning the next meals for the week. So it doesn't surprise me that the place where I spend a lot of my time, is the same place where my creative thoughts are refreshed.

I'm sure you probably thought that I would list my journal entries in this post, but really that's the place that I just document my thoughts in after they come to mind, so that I won't forget them. It's not where my creative thoughts are originated from. The next time you're struggling with creativity, look around you and take notes of when you are the most creative? What are you doing in that moment? What were you doing prior to that moment?..... and so forth. Knowing the answers to these questions, will always help you refresh your thoughts as a creative.

Let me know in the comments, as a creative, how do you refresh your thoughts?