3 Ways to Declutter and Make Money While Quarantined

a cluttered white drawer
Check for loose coins around the house and in your drawers.

Whether you have your foot to the pedal grinding on your new business, if you're working from home, spending time with your family or simply doing nothing while quarantined, you can declutter and make passive income during this uncertain time. Since planes have basically been grounded and my photography services are on hold for now, I decided to do some decluttering or aka spring cleaning around the house recently. Although I still have other sources of income that is not affected by this pandemic thank God and because I'm always a fan of making and saving money now, I want to share with you, some ways that I have found helpful to do both: declutter and make money!

Sell clothes you've never worn or gently used

You can sell clothes that you've never worn or that are gently used online with user friendly apps and platforms such as Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp. On most of these apps and platforms, you can just upload the image of the item, give basic information about the item (size, color, quantity, etc.) and name your price and you're all done. Also, your earnings can be deposited and linked to your bank account or other external accounts like PayPal. Click here to shop my Poshmark closet and/or to see a basic setup of my store. If you've been wanting to start that online boutique, doing this is a great way to get you started. You can create a website or store on Shopify or the current platform that you are using and add a page and sell your clothes, shoes and accessories. You don't need a fancy camera you just need good images to sell your items.

Clean out old purses, clutches and wallets

I have been kicking up my savings habits since last month and my savings account is growing!!!! I have tons of purses, clutches and wallets that I unconsciously hoard coins in for long periods of time. So one day while decluttering my accessories, I decided to clean out all of my purses and in almost every purse, clutch or wallet, I had tons of coins from the change of purchases I made previously. I didn't count the change (it was a lot). Instead, I moved all of the coins into my piggy bank that I was already putting coins in.

Once the piggy bank is full of coins, I'll cash them in and add whatever the amount is to my savings account. I highly suggest checking any areas in your home that are prone to have loose coins in them, collect them and place them in something to save for emergencies, invest in your business or to splurge on yourself. Quick tip for piggy banks: Instead of breaking it open with a hammer, use a butter knife and place it at the top where you put the coins in and the coins will fall out easily. Here's a quick video to show you how:

Sell books on Amazon

Last but not least, if you're a bookworm like me and you want to earn some extra cash while being quarantined, you can sell your used books or books you know that you're not going to read on Amazon. I personally love keeping my books and adding them to my many bookshelves but I am in the process of getting some together and selling them on Amazon to make room on my shelves for new books. Click here to learn this process, step by step from a Business Insider author and let me know you're experience.

Decluttering is a great way to cleanse a space but also a great way to help you make money afterwards. There are tons of things around your home that you can sell that you are not using, only used once or just have no use for it and someone else will love it! Don't try to sell anything that clearly needs to go in the trash. If you have other ideas to declutter and make money, please drop them in the comments and let's all learn from each other.