5 Gifts that Mom and Your Wallet Will Love

Image courtesy of Essence

Happy Mother's Day to all of the amazing mothers out there. You are beautiful, loving, kind, a joy to be around and there is not a self-help book on any shelf, that will ever express the amount of work it truly takes to be a great mother, like you. Today, is a day to celebrate our mothers and so I wanted to share 5 gifts that I feel your mom and your wallet will love below:


Now we all love the almighty dollars so of course that is listed first. Nothing will ever say, "I love you mom" better than a card with some cash in it. If your mom lives in a different state like mine, you can electronically send money to her via Paypal, Zelle, etc.


If momma love shopping, get her tons of gift cards to her favorite stores to shop at. Again, you can place these gift cards inside of a cute Mother's Day card and watch her smile get bigger and bigger as she sees the variety of gift cards she has. Now she may ask you to drive her to the mall to spend her big bucks, but that's more quality time for you and her to spend together.


Mom has been hinting around to you and your siblings about certain appliances that she has her eyes on. BUY IT FOR HER! Those sweet apple pies she makes, could be made faster or better if she had that new mixer in her kitchen cabinet. If the appliances are expensive, you and your siblings can equally pitch in and buy it as one gift from all of you.


Speaking of appliances and cooking, gift mom with a special or customized recipe box that you can pass down her recipes to your kids and they can pass on to their kids. If your mom is like my grandmother who just put a "pinch of this and a pinch of that" in her food with no step by step recipe, I got you. Sit with her and watch her make your favorite dishes and you write down on notecards the recipe. This is very helpful to keep those traditional foods we love during the holidays in our families forever.


I'm almost sure mom will say that she doesn't want or need anything? Try to get an answer from her anyway and buy exactly that. Doing this eliminates the guessing game of what to buy and at least you will know that what you eventually buy, mom actually wants or needs.

I won't keep you long today so that you can get out there love on mom and buy mom the greatest gift from your heart to hers. If your mom is smiling up there in heaven on this day, do something today to celebrate her memory and the love you shared together. Again, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!