5 Simple Steps to Help You De-Stress

black woman doing yoga
Dr. Danielle Richardson

Are you stressing over the holidays? Don’t! The holidays should be a joyous time for you and your family but year after year, we find ourselves stressing over the littlest things like place settings for our holiday dinners to going into debt to make our love ones “happy.” I’ve learned that when I’m stressed or entering into a stressful season, I do the following:


Meditating is one of those things that’s simple to do but yet can be complicated because we fill our minds so much with thoughts and information daily. To help you de-stress, find times throughout the day where you can relax and meditate. There are guided meditations you can find on YouTube if you need help on how to meditate.


As mentioned above, we are constantly consuming information in our minds and we need to unplug from the World Wide Web every now and then. Take one hour or a full day and just unplug from the world, do something that makes you happy and watch how stress free you feel afterwards, then repeat.

Stay positive

Certain situations that happen in our lives, we can’t control so why stress ourselves about them? No matter what chaos is happening all around you, stay positive! If you need help staying positive, recite scriptures or affirmations that will motivate you to stay positive in those difficult situations.

black woman with a yoga mat
Exercises such as yoga and going for a walk will help you de-stress.

Go for a walk

This is my favorite exercise to do regardless if I’m stressed or not. Going for a walk allows you to step away from life challenges and get some fresh air which is often the remedy to de-stress. I love walking in parks because you can connect with nature and people watch. If you’re not into going to the parks, you can walk around your neighborhood (my dad does this three times a day).

Get some rest

Stress is a sign that your body needs rest. Staying up late and rising early in the mornings is not good for your health. I know society encourages this popular mantra and hashtag #teamnosleep but actually, your body needs for you to get good amounts of sleep. In order to de-stress, get some sleep! If you have concerns about your sleep patterns, consult with a doctor who specializes in that particular area of your concern.

If you apply these simple ways to help you de-stress in your life daily, you will live a healthier and joyous life continuously. Make sure you follow Dr. Danielle Richardson who is the beauty behind this blog post images. She will definitely help you add more wellness and clarity to your busy life.