5 Things I'm Thankful For

Woman reflecting on life in a garden.
Being thankful in spite of what you see all around you is an act of faith.

I'm usually a happy person around the holiday's but since moving to New Orleans, the holiday's just aren't the same for me anymore. I'm always alone now, which is a new normal for me, so it was hard for me to post things that I'm thankful for, on Thanksgiving this year. Honestly, I'm just coming out of an emotional roller coaster about entrepreneurship that is often not talked about........ BUT GOD! I want to keep in alignment with this blog topic so I'll spare you the "woe is me" list for another day.

My gifts and talents

I don't know what was God's plans when He thought of me to give me the gifts and talents of writing, speaking, teaching and photography. On most days, I ask Him to exchange those gifts and talents so that I can do more hands on stuff like be a fashionista and design luxury pieces, create skin care products and anything else that I can stay in a corner and create. Instead, He is determined to give my introverted self the most public gifts and talents ever known to mankind (ok I'm exaggerating but you get it). So because He is determined to entrust me with those gifts and talents, I am today, thankful for them.

My children & parents

I don't know where I would be on this very day if it were not for my children and my parents. I don't talk much about them online because it's something I love to just keep to myself. I share so much of my daily life and life experiences that I keep them to myself, unapologetically. I don't think my children will ever be able to understand the depth of my love for them but I pray that they are at least proud of me. I'm so thankful for them because I made many sound decisions because of them, when the other options could've been tragic. I'm thankful for my parents because of EVERYTHING that they've instilled in me and now are passing it on to my children. They have stood in the gaps for me and are my first responders when I just need a shoulder to cry on or help in my times of need.


I'm so thankful for this man of mine because he has taught me so much and I have been humbled so many times just to know him. There's been a disconnect with men in my life for so many years but as I continue to grow and develop into my own being separate from being someone's baby mamma, girlfriend, ex-fiance and whatever other titles out there, I'm thankful that he has allowed me the space to just grow in my own timing.

My health

I always say, things could be worse but thank God that I'm healthy and in the land of the living! I'm extremely grateful for my health overall and the few ailments that I do have, I have learned to deal with them as they arise and not get too down on myself. Ailments are apart of aging so no use in complaining about them right? RIGHT! If you ever want to complain about your health, go volunteer at a local hospital and I promise you, you will find someone lying in their hospital bed, who would quickly trade places with you.

My friends

Whether they are near or far, I'm thankful for my friends. They say it gets lonely at the top and although I'm still climbing to the top, it does get lonely at times. My friends are the very reasons why I have a social life. They are the masterminds behind my business and blogs because they continuously keep me going when I really want to sling my computer and business ideas off into the ocean. They are one of the reasons why I feel connected and belong in this world. The are the wives, mothers, sisters and friends that I long to be and they are a true gift from God for a person like me.


No matter where you are in your life journey, list 5-10 things in your journal that you are thankful for. I know it may be hard to be thankful at times when all around you appears to be in total chaos, but show gratitude even in the midst of it all. Although there are tons of things that I want in my life, I want even more to be present right now and be thankful for what I already have and how far I've already come in my life's journey. Most people wouldn't travel the roads that I do because of their own fears but I thank God that He continues to test me on my resilience and faith in Him. Enjoy this season of thankfulness with the people you love and in those quiet moments with yourself.